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Stig holds a master’s degree in Finance, has studied Business Analysis at Harvard University, and he’s the co-founder of the educational stock investing site The Investors Podcast. Before Stig took up stock investing he came from a career in one of Europe’s leading energy trading companies. Now, Stig works as a college professor teaching a variety of courses including financial accounting, investment and economics. Stig also owns the investment company Stig Brodersen Holding. Stig’s the author of The Warren Buffett Accounting Book, The 100 Page Summary of The Intelligent Investor, and The 100 Page Summary of Security Analysis.
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When Stig Brodersen talks about stocks from his apartment in Aarhus, the bosses at the Bank of England listen

by Stig Brodersen | 27 June 2016

This interview with Stig about creating the world's most downloaded stock investing podcast was originally written by Nicolai Bang from the Danish media "Finans".

The future of The Investors Podcast…and me…

by Stig Brodersen | 23 April 2016

It’s not as gloomy as the title sounds, but lately, I haven’t just been thinking about stock investing as usual, but have also given the future of The Investors Podcast a lot of thought. In this blog post I'm sharing my thoughts with you.

Is this the intrinsic value of oil?

by Stig Brodersen | 21 March 2016

In this blog post I show a model for estimating the intrinsic value of oil. I estimate the value to be around $75, and discuss the validity of the model.

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