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  • crypto-alert-relief

CRYPTO ALERT: Relief is Ahead

by Rich Jacobs | 16 February 2018

The crypto market took a massive hit this week, mirroring the action in the stock market. I know a lot of you are concerned about the state of the crypto market but I’m here to tell you not to worry.

  • etf-investors-talk-market-turmoil

ETF Investors Talk Market Turmoil

by Cinthia Murphy | 16 February 2018

Five ETF strategists making portfolio decisions everyday offer here some of their thoughts on what this current market turmoil means, and what investors ought to do about it.

  • bitcoin-and-ethereum-centralized

E.U. Regulators Rip Cryptocurrencies, Tell Consumers Beware

by | 16 February 2018

European Union regulators issued a scathing assessment of cryptocurrencies, saying they show signs of a price bubble and are unsuitable for investment.

  • stocks-go-wild

Stocks Go Wild: Welcome to the New Normal

by Greg Guenthner | 16 February 2018

The stock market turned lower after hitting new all-time highs and finished the day in the red. Judging by the reaction to the big drop, the market is not yet ready for an actual correction.

  • visualizing-declining-freedom

Visualizing the Decline of Freedom Over 12 Consecutive Years

by Jeff Desjardins | 16 February 2018

Like other things in this world, the amount of freedom that people have ebbs and flows with time. Right now, we’re in one of those ruts, and global freedom has consecutively declined for a 12 year period.