Short Selling Has Its Uses

by Larry Swedroe | 22 September 2017

The U.S. equity lending market, essential for short-selling, has more than $1 trillion in market capitalization on loan. This accounts for more than a third of the trading volume on domestic exchanges. The securities lending and shorting markets are, thus, important venues for the process known as price discovery.

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10 Fastest Growing ETFs

by Sumit Roy | 21 September 2017

It goes without saying, as competition is fierce in the ETF world. Unless a fund is large, liquid and cheap, it's an uphill battle to attract new money.

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Semantic Investing in ETFs

by Real Vision | 20 September 2017

Are ETFs part of your portfolio? If so, you probably don’t own the companies you think you own. That’s the concerning fact Steve Bregman explains in this eye-opening interview.

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Robots Are ETFs’ Best Friend

by | 19 September 2017

ETFs need to start wooing the robots. Check out this list of hot reads to get a deeper understanding of why these machines might just be the next big thing.

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Active ETFs no longer the default

by Michael McClary | 19 September 2017

Active management has had a strong emotional hold on investors. This blog post addresses the issues affecting the transition of assets to index investments.

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