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Forums General Questions Books/videos for building financial/accounting knowledge?

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  • Nick S Newbie
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    I’ve been listening to the podcast for past ~6 months. I understand the basic concepts, but the terminology and technicality still fly over my head sometimes when they are talking to guests as I’m not in a field of work remotely related to business or finance (nutrition field).

    I’ve done all the buffet books lessons already. Is there any other free videos (youtube etc.) or sequence of good textbooks that anyone would recommend reading to build from bottom up?

    Any recommendations or links are appreciated.

    massive4000massive4000 Senior Member
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    “The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing” by Pat Dorsey is a good book. He goes into a bit of detail on financial statements.

    you prefer listening you can sign up to audible and get a free copy.
    If you like to read then, I believe Kobo and Kindle gives you a free book when you sign up as well.

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    Nick S Newbie
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    Ah thanks for rec! I will look into it.

    Zahidul Riyan Moderator
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    Hi Nick,

    First of all, we are glad to have you here. Just to give you a brief answer – for the basic financial terminologies and explanations I would like to recommend you to visit They have a collection of short explanatory videos of the basics and I personally have found it really helpful. You can also have a look at this YouTube channel for other financial basic tutorials – For other (investing related) educational purposes you may want to have a look at this YouTube channel – Once you get familiar with a few investors who you admire the most, I would strongly recommend you to then go and read every book, research work they refer to as well as to follow any advice from them. I have personally found Mohnish Pabrai’s YouTube channel very useful. Here is the link to the channel –

    All the best wishes for you. Have a great day.


    Rajiv RenganathanRajiv Renganathan Moderator
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    Hi Nick

    I use Riyan’s idea of quickly hopping over to investopedia for a line or two on the definition. If relevant for me, mark it for further study.

    Off late, I don’t try to grasp every term I hear. For instance, I let go/ignore “macroeconomics” related terms if I dont understand them. This is just to make the most of the limited time to focus on the micros i.e business models, industry structure, promoter/mgmt history etc.


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