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  • Glenn Bloxham-MundyGlenn Bloxham-Mundy Newbie
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    Hi all,

    I’m a big TIP / value investing advocate looking for some ideas on a particular challenge I’m facing.

    I’m finding that, when value investing, the hardest part is not in fact the analysis but rather finding the right companies to analyze. For example, assessing a company’s discount on NCAV is manageable but finding the companies most likely to trade at these discounts can be difficult. Needle in a haystack springs to mind…

    I have seen successful investors create screens based off their research (eg Tobias Carlisle) and I wondered if anyone knew of any free screening software, or ways in which you could create something along these lines? A Bloomberg terminal is pretty pricey and I just wondered if anyone had found anything cheaper/free to allow investors to screen universes of companies.



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    Adolphe HirwaAdolphe H Newbie
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    Most online brokers have decent screeners (TD Ameritrade even has a presset TIP checklist screener). the best bet would be to check the platform you are using to invest. good luck

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