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  • Alex MistreanuAlex M Newbie
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    Hi everyone,

    I live in EU, have a brokerage account in the US, however since 2018 I’m no longer allowed to buy US ETFs.
    My main interest was in Vanguard’s VOO (S&P500 index). The good part is that I’m still able to purchase any
    US stocks since the restriction are on ETF and mutual funds.

    My question is, what would be in your opinion 5-10 stocks that would be close to S&P500 return rate, volatility and diversification?


    Veeral ShahVeeral Shah Aspiring VIP Member
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    Hi Alex,

    In my opinion, I don’t think you can just buy 5 to 10 stocks to mimic S&P 500. I was wondering, is there any reason that is stopping you to buy S&P 500 ETF / Index fund in a broker account within EU as you have mentioned that you live in EU?


    Arjan MArjan M Newbie
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    It’s not hard at all to find EU-approved S&P500 funds, they even have similarly attractive expense ratios of 0,05-0,07%. Simply google UCITS S&P500 and you’ll find many ETF aggregator websites to help you on your way. I personally hold VUSA in Amsterdam, but there are various variations and listings within Vanguard and other providers.

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    Rajiv Renganathan