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  • Chad AbbsChad A Newbie
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    I just finished the Intrinsic value course and I’m either doing something wrong or the stocks that I chose to look up are extremely overvalued. This is a list of the stocks I did, their market price and the intrinsic value that the calculator gave me after entering all the data.

    Nike MV $82 IV $13
    Apple MV $183 IV $111
    Amazon MV $1,740 IV $661
    Netflix MV $354 IV $260

    Can anyone tell if my numbers are way off? I have the the 10 year Federal Reserve Note at 2.12 is that incorrect? Any help you could give me, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Terrance ChismTerrance C Newbie
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    I’ve also finished the intrinsic value course and am having the exact same problem. I jumped right in and tried to value Costco. It said it was worth $44 when the market value is $269.

    If I’m using the calculator wrong I’d really appreciate any help on how to resolve the problem (if there even is one).

    Dan WilsonDan Wilson Member
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    I’m having a similar issue.

    I’m starting to think that these stocks are overvalued though, maybe this is because they are all market leaders/in the major indexes.

    I’m new to investing as well so I would appreciate some feed back even if I am wrong!