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    I would love to see your take on Micron. pretty volatile industry but overall has a strong balance sheet and good management. been in and out of my screen but it caught my eye even more when Mohnish Pabrai and bill miller decided to invest in it last quarter. Thanks

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    Recently I’ve been trying to analyse AVIVA (LSE, Ticker: AV).

    I’m finding it difficult to find info and financials – once I did manage to find the info needed I then came into the problem that some info was in USD and some in GBP.

    After trying to convert the info into different currencies I then tried to find intrinsic value.

    My intrinsic value calcuation came out around 13, which I think is horrendously wrong? I’m not sure if I’m inputting the incorrect info into the calculator or where I’m going wrong..

    So it would be great to have your guys views on this stock pick!


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    Yes, I looked at Micron a few times and it looks very attractive, but it’s so cyclical and hard for me to figure out.

    But it’s on my radar for sure.


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Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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