Thank you for showing interest in becoming the new host of either
  • “The Valley – by The Investor’s Podcast.” Our new podcast about entrepreneurship, technology, and businesses in Silicon Valley. It is not mandatory for you to live in Silicon Valley, but you should at the very least have strong ties to Silicon Valley and experience from various successful startups.
  • “Real Estate Investing – by The Investor’s Podcast.” Our new podcast about becoming financially independent from investing in real estate. It’s not mandatory for you to be financially independent, but you should own at least two rental properties.
To match expectations between you and TIP, please read this thoroughly before deciding if you’re in interested in applying for the position as a podcaster for the TIP network.



The instructions on where to send your application is at the bottom of this page.


Attach your resume.


Attach your application and include why you would be the right fit as TIP’s new podcaster.


Take this free personality test and send the result with your application


Record two podcast episodes.

  • The first one should be scripted. Meaning, it’s just you talking about a Silicon Valley/Real Estate subject you think would be relevant for the new podcast.
  • The second one should be an episode wherein you interview a guest from Silicon Valley or a successful person in Real Estate investing. The more well-known, the better. Having The Investor’s Podcast at your back, you’ll quickly be able to attract even bigger guests, but this is also a test of your network. We acknowledge that the audio quality might not be perfect since you don’t have the right equipment yet, but please focus on the content and editing, and we’ll work on the audio equipment later together with you.


If you get the position, TIP will be sponsoring 50% of the cost of the equipment.

  • The total cost of the equipment is estimated to be around $3,000 (TIP will be sponsoring $1,500),



Allocating 15 hours per week on a weekly podcast episode – or whatever it takes to make it just perfect.

  • 5 hours of planning the outline of the episode and inviting guests
  • 2 hours recording the episode
  • 6 hours of editing
  • 2 hours with various administrative tasks including uploading the episode, communicating with the TIP team, responding to emails from the audience, etc.


Recording ads for advertisers


Can independently work on creating new podcast episodes.

The plan is that this will be the first of multiple podcasts that will be spun out from The Investor’s Podcast, and after intense training the first 10-15 episodes, it is expected that you can you run the podcast with minimum supervision.


You’ll be working together with TIP’s staff that is primarily located in Manila. You’re expected to accommodate their schedule just as they are expected to accommodate yours.


You’ll be discussing strategy, sales, creatives and much more, with Stig over Skype. You are expected to meet normal office hours between 9-17.30 in Denmark once or twice per month.

checkHaving no ego.

TIP is not looking to hire the smartest guy in the room, but rather a person who is the most humble and want to learn the most from speaking with guests much smarter and more accomplished than himself.

checkYour position with TIP should be very visible on all social media and in your various title so that the audience can connect with you.


The podcaster is at any point in time expected to have 3 new episodes prerecorded.


checkAdvertising sale

checkCreative feedback on the podcast episode

checkTechnical assistance on the equipment and podcast editing

checkMarketing. We’ll be advertising “The Valley” and/or “Real Estate Investing” on all of our platforms and perhaps also use paid advertising

checkArtwork for “The Valley” and “Real Estate Investing” are similar to the cartoons for all guests on TIP


TIP is generally expected to pay for all costs that are associated with the production and support of the podcast except for hosting as explained below.


checkThe podcaster is an employee with a freelance contract.

TIP owns the podcast 100% and all content the podcaster is creating directly or indirectly for TIP. The podcast can at any point in time be let go, whereas the podcaster has 60 days notice if he or she decides to stop podcasting. The podcaster is at any point in time required to follow the guidelines of the TIP manual and new guidance from the TIP team.

checkThe agreement has some similarities to a McDonald’s Franchise.

You enjoy all the benefits from the parent company but is required to live up to the same standard as any other franchisee. What the podcaster might feel he or she lacks in autonomy, he or she is getting back in proven processes and audience from the very beginning. It should, however, be emphasized that the culture of TIP is like a start-up where autonomy and ideas are highly appreciated. As mentioned, the hope and intention is that the podcaster will literally run his own show and rather feel that TIP is supporting than constraining the efforts.

checkTIP can at any point in time use vacant ad spots on “The Valley” podcast.

This is to promote TIP products and services at no cost to TIP and compensation to the podcaster. The clear priority is paid advertising where the revenue is split between TIP and the podcaster.


check50/50 split on net revenue.

In January and February, TIP made $27,000 and $26,000 on podcast advertising respectively (800,000+ monthly podcast downloads on our main platform). Since your podcast will be brand new, the podcaster should not expect to make money from advertising the first 6 months, and very little after that. In other words, podcasting can be lucrative, but it takes a lot of time, and money is the result rather than the reason for putting in the hours.

checkTIP will be shouldering the cost of podcast hosting until “The Valley” and/or “Real Estate Investing” is profitable.

The cost is typical $200 per 100,000 downloads dependent on the length of the episode. The 50/50 split is after all costs have been recouped.

checkIt’s very difficult to estimate how much you will be compensated after a year.

TIP might back at that time have around 120,000 downloads per year (calculated as 10,000 downloads for the 12th month), but given the distribution of TIP today the new podcaster would likely have multiple of that in downloads. That being said there are no guarantees.

checkThe main compensation is from advertising.

If the host would like to create paid content and TIP is in agreement of this (for example online courses) it will also be a 50/50 split, however, this is not the plan before the podcast is already established and trust has been built with the audience, and will likely take at least 1 year.

checkThe podcaster will take on all costs to live events unless agreed otherwise.

It might include live interviews with guests, or meeting up with the TIP Community various places in the world. It is not expected that the podcaster will participate in any live events.

checkThe podcaster is at any point in time encouraged to work with TIP full time.

However, the extra compensation for full-time work is not expected to come from a new revenue split but from higher advertising revenue from more downloads and other sources of revenue including, online courses, affiliate deals, books, etc.


checkQ: Is it fair that I build up a podcast audience for TIP or someone else to take over since I have no Equity?

No it’s not fair at all. Keep in mind though that TIP is offering 50% of non-existing revenue. If the advertising revenue were already $50,000 per month the split would be very different. TIP has no intention of having Stig or Preston taking over the podcast. As mentioned it takes about 15 hours per week to create a world-class podcast episode, and since we plan to grow multiple podcasts under the TIP network, we can’t do this without great hosts. If you do a good job (and we know you will!) you give us the incentive to grow with you.

checkQ: Can I renegotiate the terms on this page?

We like that you think like an entrepreneur already, but while we can provide clarifications, the agreement is generally not negotiable. It’s a question of trust, and it’s a two-way street. We’re letting you do the fun stuff of a running a podcast – speaking with successful people and become a minor celebrity, and we handle all the boring stuff and take care of the costs and giving you an audience. Many people would like to podcast for free, but we would rather pay for it to ensure top quality. Our starting point for any negotiation is that being a podcaster for TIP with all the benefits is a privilege – not a job.

checkQ: What happens if TIP is sold?

We really don’t know. It’s not the plan, and we’ll have to take it as it comes. For the podcaster, the most likely scenario is that nothing happens. The intention of setting up a new show(s) is that you’re running it 100% with no interference from TIP, and so more the reason why a new owner should feel the same way. If the new owner is falling out with you, he will lose a valuable asset, and we find it very unlikely that anyone would have an incentive to do that. Our starting point for the highly unlikely scenario that TIP is being sold is that nothing changes and all employees keep their jobs.

checkQ: I don’t have a great resume, but I really want to apply for the position. Is that okay?

Yes, everyone can apply. Your resume does play a vital part in finding the right candidate. We’re selling you to both guests and advertisers, and if you are accomplished, it is everything else equal a lot easier. A person who has been involved in various successful start-ups would also be a better fit for the role.

checkQ: Can I have the podcast with a co-host?

Yes, you can. The revenue split will be the same, and at least one person is expected to have 100% decision authority to ensure that communication with TIP is as smooth as possible.


checkThe 1% podcasts in the world get 25,000 downloads per episode.

TIP is well above 100,000 downloads per new episode and is still growing – just as the back catalog is getting plenty of downloads daily. The hope of getting just the right fit for a podcaster that is willing to do the hard work for a long time (years) with no expectations other than constantly learning, helping the audience and having fun podcasting, can’t be overemphasized. Money and other perks that come from being a “famous” podcaster is a result of that – not the other way around.


Please send the files as described above in the “application process” to