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Bitcoin Fundamentals

Bitcoin Fundamentals is a collection of podcast episodes on bitcoin hosted by Preston Pysh on We Study Billionaires, the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network with more than 150 million downloads.

On the show, Preston Pysh talks about the fundamentals of bitcoin, investing in bitcoin, news, and deep dives. He also speaks with prominent people, including Michael Saylor.

Preston is one of the founders of The Investor’s Podcast Network. He manages his own portfolio through his own holding company, Pylon Holding Company.

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BTC184: Q2 Macro w/ Luke Gromen

Join us as Luke Gromen discusses the economic outlook, Fed/Treasury caps on USD, housing inflation changes, transmission interconnection backlog, key commodities, and their impact on Bitcoin.

BTC182: Bitcoin Mastermind 2Q 2024

Joe Carlasare, American Hodl, and Jeff Ross join us to discuss the ETH ETF news, Roger Ver's $50M tax issue, the current market setup, Bitcoin halving impacts, Japan FX intervention, and the White House's stance on SAB121.



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