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Preston Pysh
Preston Pysh
Preston is a graduate of West Point and Johns Hopkins University. He’s the founder of BuffettsBooks.com, and his videos on financial investing have been viewed by millions of people around the world. He takes great pleasure in taking complex ideas and making them accessible. He is the founder of the Pylon Holding Company and enjoys spending time with his wonderful family.
Stig Brodersen
Stig Brodersen
Stig holds a master’s degree in Finance, has studied Business Analysis at Harvard University, and is a former college professor. Before Stig took up stock investing, he worked for one of Europe’s leading energy trading companies. Now, Stig is living out his dream of creating educational finance content for the TIP community and running the investment company Stig Brodersen Holding.


Tobias Carlisle
Tobias Carlisle
Toby is the founder and a managing member of Eyquem Investment Management LLC. He is also the portfolio manager of Eyquem Fund LP. He is an expert at deep value investing, contrarian, and Grahamite investment strategies, and he runs the popular investment blog, GreenBackd.com. Prior to founding Eyquem, he was an analyst at an activist hedge fund, general counsel of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and a corporate advisory lawyer.
Calin Yablonski
Calin Yablonski
Calin is the founder of Inbound Interactive, a marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company that helps customers build quality brands. In 2015, he launched Inbound Law Marketing. His new venture is working with law firms to generate more clients through SEO and digital marketing. Calin has a genuine love and passion for working with local businesses and since 2009, Inbound Interactive has provided online marketing services to over 250 local business across Canada and the US.
Hari Ramachandra
Hari Ramachandra
Hari is a Silicon Valley engineering executive that works at Linkedin. Hari enjoys talking about business on his blog, BitsBusiness.com. In addition to his role as a senior manager, Hari is on the board of directors at Santa Clara Technical Academy. His breadth of work includes companies like Yahoo, Cisco, and IBM.


Bianca Alcera
Bianca AlceraChief Operating Officer
Bianca graduated cum laude with a BS Computer Science degree from De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines in 2009. She then worked at Hewlett-Packard AP Limited as a Business Analyst / Technology Consultant for almost 4 years. She has recently completed her MFA Filmmaking course at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea and she now works as the Chief Operating Officer of The Investor’s Podcast.
Cyril Fermin
Cyril FerminCommunications Manager
Cyril is a strategic and innovative marketing professional, whose expertise is in brand management and integrated marketing communications. She has lead several marketing campaigns of international products and services for top industries in the Philippines. She also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Ateneo Graduate School of Business.
Camille Alcera
Camille AlceraDesign and Special Content Manager
Camille is a creative professional who has vast experience in social media advertising, digital marketing, and design. She has worked with some of the top brands in the Philippines. Camille is a graduate of Organizational Communication from De La Salle University, Manila.
David Flood
David FloodFinancial Analyst
David is a private value investor based in the UK. His investing approach is grounded in the fundamental precepts of value investing based upon Ben Graham’s twin concepts of ‘Intrinsic Value’ and ‘Margin of Safety’.
Jimmy Dahroug
Jimmy DahrougForum Moderator
Jimmy earned his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and holds a Master’s degree in Education Policy & Management from Harvard University.

A “recovering politician,” Jimmy has worked in government and was a candidate for the New York State Senate. Jimmy enjoyed the strategy behind campaigning as an underdog candidate, but now prefers studying underdog (undervalued) stocks.

 Rajiv Renganathan
Rajiv RenganathanForum Moderator
Rajiv is an information technology professional based in Singapore. He is building a personal portfolio using value investing principles.
Richard David
Richard DavidSketch Designer
Richard loves visual storytelling.

After a brief stint overseas, Richard has decided to do freelancing full time in 2004. He has worked on hundreds of local & international client projects ever since. He now runs www.ecartoongrafix.com, an online illustration & design studio based in the Northern part of Luzon, Philippines.


Karl Jamoralin
Karl JamoralinMobile Developer
Karl is a full stack developer who currently focuses in making Android apps. Loves to cook a good aglio olio, watching SpaceX rocket launches, and being fascinated with aviation videos.
Robiul Islam
Robiul IslamWeb Developer
Robiul has developed a wide range of websites using WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Genesis Framework, and JavaScript, over Upwork the last 8 years. Robiul is truly loving his profession, and is the kind of guy you can explain your vision to and he’ll make sure to bring it to life.
Jeremy Enns
Jeremy EnnsAudio Engineer
Jeremy is the podcast producer, manager, editor, and Storyteller In Chief behind Ascetic Productions. He believes that when it comes to audio, no elaborate production or special effects (although these can be fun) can beat a good story when it comes to connecting with your audience and spreading your message.


Netra Dixit
Netra Dixit
Netra is a freelance writer whose interests vary from finance to any other field related to it. When she isn’t devouring books, she’s found reading about stocks, bonds and disruptive technologies.
Chris Habib
Chris Habib
Chris is a young Canadian business owner and investor. As an evidence-based Naturopathic Doctor by training, he is the Clinic Director of two health clinics and the Sales Director of a herb company. You can find out more about Chris on his website.
Christoph Wolf
Christoph Wolf
Christoph is a mathematician from Germany. When he’s not investing, he works as a support engineer at Siemens, spends time with his wonderful family, visits fitness classes and works on his blog about value investing.


Jesse Felder - The Felder Report
Jesse Felder
Founder of
Raoul Pal - Real Vision TV
Raoul Pal
Founder and CEO of
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Mohnish Pabrai
Owner of
James Rickards - Strategic Intelligence
James Rickards
Editor of
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Cullen Roche
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Jack Vogel
CFO and Co-CIO of
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Wesley Gray
CEO and Co-CIO of
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Gail Tverberg
Author of
Robin Speziale - Market Masters
Robin Speziale
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Philip Decker - 11 Point 0
Philip Decker
Co-Founder and CEO of
Brodie Hinkle
Brodie Hinkle
Wealth Advisor at
Johnny Hopkins - The Acquirer's Multiple
Johnny Hopkins
Financial Analyst at
Jeff Desjardins - Visual Capitalist
Jeff Desjardins
Founder of
Daniel Olshansky
Daniel Olshansky
Cloud API Engineer at
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