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TIP147: Becoming Rejection Proof – Jia Jiang

Published | 22 July 2017

One of the most common traits we have found in billionaires is being rejection proof. People like Sara Blakely, Richard Branson, and numerous others often talk about how their ability to bounce back after a setback is the key factor for their ultimate success. In this week's show, we read actionable ways to become rejection proof. The episode is based on Jia Jiang's exceptional best-selling book which was highly endorsed by billionaire Tony Hsieh.

TIP147: Billionaire Charlie Munger and the Daily Journal

Published | 15 July 2017

Charlie Munger’s net worth is about 1.5 billion and as most people know, he’s Warren Buffett’s vice chairman at Berkshire Hathaway. As we’ve talked about on previous episodes, Munger is really a brilliant individual that’s considered a polymath. Few people know that Charlie is an investor with the Daily Journal Corporation in Los Angeles California. As a result, he does a question and answer period every year at the shareholder meeting. One of our good friends Hari Ramachandra was lucky enough to attend the Daily Journal meeting this year, and while he was there, he captured some of the best responses that Charlie gave.

TIP146: Superforecasting by Dan Gardner and Philip Tetlock – Summary

Published | 8 July 2017

During Preston and Stig's discussion with legendary investor, Ed Thorp, he suggested that a great book to understand the craft of making accurate predictions and estimates for the future was a book titled, Superforecasting. As a result, this episode is a review of that book and what the key attributes are for increasing your understanding of what could and will happen. This book was a New York Times Best Seller and extraordinary read. Be sure to check out our chapter by chapter summary of the book in the show notes.

TIP145: Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum w/ Tuur Demeester

Published | 1 July 2017

Since the last time Preston and Stig talked about Bitcoin in 2015, the price has surged 1000%. As more people become fascinated with cryptocurrencies, we decide to talk with world renown blockchain expert, Tuur Demeester. During the conversation, Tuur talks about a potential Bitcoin fork and the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin. You won't want to miss this discussion if you're trying to learn more about the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

TIP144: Billionaire Howard Schultz’ book, Onward – A Story About Starbucks

Recorded | 24 June 2017

This week, Preston and Stig read Billionaire Howard Schultz' book titled, "Onward." Schultz was the CEO and founder of Starbucks. In the early 2000's, Schultz initially left the company only to return as the CEO in 2008. This book covers his first hand account of the return and why it happened.

TIP143: Mastermind Discussion 2nd Quarter 2017

Recorded | 17 June 2017

In this episode, Preston and Stig hold their Mastermind discussion with Tobias Carlisle, and former billion dollar hedgefund manager, Jesse Felder. Each member of the group presents a stock investing idea. After each group member pitches their idea, the group then dissects and troubleshoots the position. If you're interested in hearing how members of the mastermind discuss and make financial decisions, you'll enjoy hearing this discussion.

TIP142: The Uber and Airbnb Revolution w/ Brad Stone

Posted | 10 June 2017

New York Times best-selling author, Brad Stone, joins TIP this week to talk about his first-hand accounts with the CEOs of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon. Brad shares his thoughts on his new book, The Upstarts, where he profiles the killer companies of Silicon Valley and how they are changing the way the world works. You won't want to miss this fascinating discussion where we talk about the the way billionaire founders think and make key decisions.

TIP141: (Part II) Attending the 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting

Posted | 4 June 2017

In this second part episode, Preston and Stig continue playing the best Q&As that occurred during the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder's meeting. After each question, Preston and Stig continue their feedback and analysis of what was discussed. In this episode, the two Berkshire titans take on artificial intelligence, intrinsic value calculations, productivity in the US, and economic growth.

TIP140: Attending the 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting

Posted | 27 May 2017

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk about their experience of attending the 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder's meeting. The Investors play five of the best Q&A that occurred during the meeting. After each question, Preston and Stig provide their feedback and analysis on Buffett and Munger's responses.

TIP139: Jim Rogers – Macro, Gold, Junk Bonds, India, & Currencies

Posted | 20 May 2017

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to the legendary investor, Jim Rogers. Rogers became a world renown name after beating the S&P500 by 4200% in the 1970s. In addition to being an investment guru, Rogers has driven around the entire world two times (once by car and once by motorcycle). Jim's specialty is macro and currency investing. In this episode, we ask him about gold, currencies, central banks, India, Japan, and much more.

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