Recorded | 7 October 2017
In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion about Bitcoin and upcoming changes to the protocol. Before we have this mastermind discussion with Charlie Lee and Tuur Demeester, Preston provides a monologue on the importance of understanding cryptocurrencies. Our two guests are some of the biggest names in the space. Charlie Lee is the founder of LiteCoin which is a digital cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $3 billion dollars. Tuur Demeester is one of the first crypto writers and invested in Bitcoin when it was only $2 a coin.

Recorded | 7 October 2017
In this week’s episode, Preston and Stig talk about one of the most influential sports stars of all time: Michael Jordan. Jordan not only changed the game on the court, but he also changed the game for sporting apparel. For this episode, the best selling author of Michael Jordan's autobiography, Roland Lazenby, joins Preston and Stig to talk about his life. You'll learn about what makes Jordan tick and also how his deals with Nike went down.

Recorded | 30 September 2017
In this week’s episode, Martin Ford joins Preston and Stig for an interesting discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Martin is the New York Times Best Selling author of the book, Rise of the Robots. He is an expert on deep learning neural networks and machine learning. During the discussion, we also talk about AI's potential impact on the economy and labor market.


Tom Gruber: How AI can enhance our memory, work and social lives

by TED | 17 October 2017

How smart can our machines make us? Tom Gruber, co-creator of Siri, wants to make "humanistic AI" that augments and collaborates with us instead of competing with (or replacing) us.

Wells Fargo Lags Banks on Revenue Growth, Says Gerald Cassidy

by Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance | 17 October 2017

Gerard Cassidy, managing director at RBC Capital Markets, examines third-quarter results from Bank of America Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.

Here’s What to Expect from Major Banks on Q3 Earnings

by Zacks Equity Research | 17 October 2017

The earnings season is knocking at the door and investors must be interested in knowing how banks (one of the industries that have been in the spotlight for quite some time now) are likely to perform.

Insider news: Director of L Brands Purchases Stock

by Asif Suria | 17 October 2017

Since we are in the quiet period before earnings season begins, insider activity is muted and is likely to remain so for the next two or three weeks.

What is Biotech Investing?

by Bryan McGovern | 17 October 2017

Public companies involved in biotech tend to stay close to the medical landscape, they can have a bit more freeway as to what kind of business they wish to pursue.

The Big Four Economic Indicators: September Nonfarm Employment

by Jill Mislinski | 17 October 2017

Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions.

Microsoft CEO Details the Advice He Got From Bill Gates

by Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance | 16 October 2017

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets into an in-depth conversation on the lessons learned from his family and the advice he received from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Jim Rickards: The market got it wrong

by James Rickards | 16 October 2017

Reality is catching up with the Fed. They will respond by taking a “pause” on an interest rate hike in December. This is the opposite of current market expectations.

Q&A with Eric Cinnamond about Q3 earnings season

by Eric Cinnamond | 16 October 2017

As Q3 earnings season approaches, there is a drought of company-specific news and events to analyze. Regardless of the lack of fundamental data points, investors appear committed to positioning themselves for another end of the year entitlement rally.

Perhaps John Bogle is right about investing?

by Cullen Roche | 16 October 2017

John Bogle endorses the “fully valued” nature of today’s stock markets and advocates slight changes to one’s allocations. He says it’s okay to reduce your stock market exposure a little bit to offset the potential for higher risk.

Coming Soon: The Most Profitable Earnings Season Ever

by Davis Ruzick | 16 October 2017

Four times a year, every publicly traded company is required to report the results of their last business quarter. Three factors that most investors pay attention to are revenue, earnings per share (EPS), and guidance.

Forex – Weekly Outlook: October 16 – 20

by Investing.com | 16 October 2017

The dollar fluctuated against a basket of the other major currencies on Friday after mixed consumer inflation data clouded the outlook for another rate increase by the Federal Reserve in the coming months.

The Case for Europe: Economic Stability?

by Nicholas Sheridan | 15 October 2017

The depth and breadth of European markets, with their variations between different countries, provide investors with a wealth of potential investment opportunities.

Why Richard Thaler has won the Nobel Prize in economics

by Cullen Roche | 15 October 2017

Richard Thaler is among the small group of people in this world who do a lot of theorizing about how the economy works, but also backs it up by running a pretty big asset management firm.

Jim Rickards: What a Famous Bill Murray Movie Says About Today’s Market

by James Rickards | 15 October 2017

Markets have lately had a certain Groundhog Day quality to them, as in the Bill Murray movie: each day is like the one before.

According To Warren Buffett’s Own Methods, Stocks Are Not At All ‘Fairly-Priced Relative To Interest Rates’

by Jesse Felder | 15 October 2017

Many people and pundits, including none other than Warren Buffett, continue to insist that stocks look fairly priced relative to interest rates. There are some simple ways, however, using Mr. Buffett’s own techniques to prove or disprove his thesis.

How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

by Bloomberg | 14 October 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was one of the first entrepreneurs to realize the potential of selling products on the internet. This Bloomberg Profile looks into how Bezos built Amazon inside his garage and now has his sights set well beyond online commerce.

A market warning, the big bitcoin debate and a deep dive on tech heavyweights

by Business Insider | 14 October 2017

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget provides a bearish argument, which suggests that high valuations have historically preceded periods of market weakness.

Bank Earnings: QE Means “Lower for Longer”

by R. Christopher Whalen | 14 October 2017

In a world with too much debt and regulation, and too little economic growth as a result, driving financial up to valuations not seen since the roaring 2000s is a fool’s errand.

Insider Buying Stocks Soar 72% During the Past Year

by Small Cap Power | 14 October 2017

Four stocks with significant insider buying were singled out last year, which can be a strong indication of a mismatch between the current trading price of a company and its intrinsic value. Take a look at their individual performances.