Recorded | 18 November 2017
In today's show, we talk to Tobias Carlisle about his new book, The Acquirer's Multiple. The book explains how investors like Buffett, Icahn, and many others capture big stock market returns by filtering for companies with a low enterprise value compared to EBIT.

Recorded | 11 November 2017
Billionaire Ray Dalio is one of the biggest names in finance.  He achieved this recognition due to Bridgewater Associate's stellar performance over numerous decades of operations.  For instance, during the 2008 financial crisis, the US Stock market was down -50% and Dalio's Pure Alpha fund was up 9.4%.  In this week's episode, we read Ray's new book, Principles.  The book was recently released on Amazon in October, and it's quickly rose to numerous bestseller ranking.

Recorded | 4 November 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig dig around in the public markets to try and find a couple of value picks that are priced to perform. During the show, two of the stocks appear to have an intrinsic value that's 3 times higher than the S&P500, whereas the last pick is a great business, but priced for a horrible return.


  • rapidly-changing-global-diet

Visualizing a Rapidly Changing Global Diet

by Visual Capitalist | 19 November 2017

Infographic: See how the global diet has evolved rapidly through time, in both size and composition.

  • market-responds-to-the-fed

How Markets Respond to the Fed

by Jack Vogel, Ph. D. | 18 November 2017

How do markets respond to the FED? Is the response rational, irrational, or something in between?

  • ray-dalio-how-the-economic-machine-works

Ray Dalio’s How The Economic Machine Works in 30 Minutes

by Bridgewater | 18 November 2017

Animation: Ray Dalio simplifies the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.

  • global-wealth-is-growing

Global Wealth is Growing, But So Is the Gap between Rich and Poor

by Investing.com | 19 November 2017

The latest Credit Suisse (SIX:CSGN) Global Wealth Report shows that wealth – and wealth inequality – are both growing.

  • who-is-warren-buffett

Who is Warren Buffett, the most popular billionaire in America?

by Investing.com | 19 November 2017

Video: A peek into the life of Warren Buffett, a certified billionaire but whose image remains the one of just a simple man from Nebraska.

  • Amazon-CEO-Jeff-Bezos-and-his-brother-Mark

Rare Interview with Jeff Bezos and His Brother, Mark (14 Nov 2017)

by Summit | 18 November 2017

Video: The illustrious Bezos brothers, Jeff and Mark, discuss their early influences, habits for success, and predictions for the future.

  • 5-Stocks-Ripping-Higher-Ahead-of-Tax-Reform

5 Stocks Ripping Higher Ahead of Tax Reform

by David Bartosak | 18 November 2017

Know more about the 5 stocks which are currently performing really well ahead of the tax reform.

  • cme-group-to-test-bitcoin-futures

CME Group to Test Bitcoin Futures as Price Hits All Time High

by Viktor Golovtchenko | 18 November 2017

Bitcoin prices spike again right after an announcement by the CME Group's marketing team.

  • can-asset-bubbles-be-mathematically-quantified-before-they-burst

Can Asset Bubbles Be Mathematically Quantified Before They Burst?

by Keith Kline | 18 November 2017

The Hurst Exponent vs Normal Distribution method - which is a better model for estimating future prices of assets?

  • Most-Valuable-U.S.-Companies-Over-100-Years

Most Valuable U.S. Companies Over 100 Years

by Jeff Desjardins | 18 November 2017

Infographic: Find out which American companies have dominated global revenues for over a century.

  • crude-oil-prices-settle-higher-but-snap-5-week-winning-streak

Crude Oil Prices Settle Higher, but Snap 5-Week Winning Streak

by Investing.com | 18 November 2017

Crude oil prices settled higher on Friday but still failed to offset a weekly loss for investors.

  • Top-5-Things-That-Moved-Markets-This-Past-Week

Top 5 Things That Moved Markets This Past Week

by Investing.com | 18 November 2017

Take a peek at the top 5 things that made an impact on U.S. markets this week.

  • Why-Japanese-ETFs-are-urging

Why Japanese ETFs Are Surging

by Sumit Roy | 17 November 2017

Despite the continuously soaring stocks of Japan this year, some analysts are still pessimistic about the country's fortunes in the long-term.

  • Bill-Gross-On-US-Unemployment

Bill Gross On US Unemployment

by Bill Gross | 17 November 2017

Video: Portfolio Manager Bill Gross reacts to the latest U.S. jobs report on Bloomberg Surveillance, featuring Tom Keene.

  • Student-Loan-Debt-Nearing-$1.4-Trillion

Student Loan Debt Nearing $1.4 Trillion

by VWStaff | 17 November 2017

Infographic: A study conducted by StudentLoanReport.org outlines problems and solutions to help students get a degree without mortgaging their future.

  • The-best-bitcoin-mining-pools

The Best Bitcoin Mining Pools

by Mark Gill | 17 November 2017

A comprehensive guide to the top 5 Bitcoin mining pools available in the market.

  • Consumer-Price- Index-at-2%

Consumer Price Index at 2%

by Jill Mislinski | 17 November 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the October Consumer Price Index data which showed the movement of CPI as compared to previous years.

  • natural-gas-futures-turn-lower-after-weekly-storage

Natural Gas Futures Turn Lower After Weekly Storage Data

by Investing.com | 17 November 2017

U.S. natural gas futures reversed gains to trade lower despite data showing that domestic supplies in storage fell for the first time this season.

  • the-day-ahead-top-3-things

The Day Ahead: Top 3 Things to Watch

by Investing.com | November 17, 2017

Here’s a preview of the top 3 things that could impact markets today.

  • Pensions-the-biggest-ponzi-scheme

Pensions – The Biggest Ponzi Scheme

by Simon Black | 16 November 2017

If you think retirement is the time to sit back and relax thanks to pension funds, you better think again.