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Released | 17 AUG 2019
On today's show, we talk to the founder of Real Vision TV, Raoul Pal, about the troubling signs in the global economy.

Released | 10 AUG 2019
On today's show, we talk to billionaire Ken Fisher about investment fundamentals.

Released | 3 AUG 2019
On today's show, we talk to investing expert, Bill Nygren, about popular stock picks like Google, Netflix, and Mastercard.


AT&T Versus Verizon: Price War

by Bob Ciura and Nate Parsh | 20 August 2019 | 02:13 EST

When it comes to the telco sector, one of the things that never changes is the ongoing price war between the major wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon.

The Big Pharma Takeover Of Medical Cannabis

by Katie Jones | 20 August 2019 | 00:18 EST

Today’s infographic comes to us from CB2 Insights, and explores how and why the notorious Big Pharma are interested in the nascent cannabis industry.

Jim Rickards: Why China’s a Paper Tiger

by Jim Rickards | 19 August 2019 | 06:01 EST

Markets are still digesting last week’s Chinese devaluation that sent the Dow crashing over 700 points. Here's what you need to know.

How Much Student Debt Does Each State Hold?

by Iman Ghosh | 19 August 2019 | 03:39 EST

Today’s data visualization breaks down the average student debt per capita, to uncover which states shoulder the highest burden in this growing crisis.

Inflation: An X-Ray View Of The Components

by Jill Mislinski | 19 August 2019 | 02:14 EST

We can make some inferences about how inflation is impacting our personal expenses depending on our relative exposure to the individual components.

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