Recorded | 17 February 2018
One of the most successful businessmen in American history is Sam Walton. During this episode, Preston and Stig read Mr. Walton's autobiography and discuss the top ten things he attributed to his success as a billion dollar retailer.

Recorded | 10 February 2018
In today's show, we assemble the mastermind group to talk about four new stock ideas at the start of 2018. As usual, the group digs into each idea and provides counter-arguments and conclusions on the intrinsic value of each business.

Recorded | 3 February 2018
On today's show we talk to accomplished author and hedgefund owner Dr. Wesley Gray. Dr. Gray is a renown quant investors that uses extensive research in backtesting to implement a momentum and value based approach to investing. On today's show, we talk to him about the finer details of how he implements the approach.


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There Are (Still) No Shortcuts For Estimating Recession Risk

by James Picerno | 23 February 2018

Looking for a recession when the unemployment rate is low appears to be a classic case of counterfactual thinking, but Hyman Minsky famously pointed out in his financial instability hypothesis that stability is destabilizing and in a capitalist system every expansion creates the seeds of its own destruction.

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Booming ETF Industry Off To Hot Start in 2018

by Investing.com | 23 February 2018

The U.S. exchange traded fund industry is celebrating its 25-year anniversary with a bang. Forty new funds launched in January, while assets grew by $219 billion to a record $3.64 trillion.

  • gasoline-volume-sales-changing-culture

Gasoline Volume Sales and our Changing Culture

by Jill Mislinski | 23 February 2018

These data series show how declines in gasoline consumption per capita can be attributable to some powerful secular changes in US demographics and culture in general.

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Brexit Risks Increase – London Property Market and Pound Vulnerable

by Gold Core | 23 February 2018

Brexit risks have increased in recent days. A poll published early this month shows the pound is expected to fall this year as uncertainty around Brexit grows.

  • hero-returns-wall-street

A Hero Returns to Wall Street

by Brian Maher | 23 February 2018

He has risen from the grave. The scourge of Washington, the fiend of Wall Street, this boogeyman’s return has markets wriggling in exquisite torture. Who is this creature?

  • this-anti-amazon-play-is-heating-up

Amazon’s Health-Care Bid Could Be A Win For Drug Distributor Stocks

by Vitaliy Katsenelson | 23 February 2018

Amazon.com has been one of the most innovative and disruptive companies of this century. Thus, every announcement or speculation that Amazon will enter into a particular industry sends stocks of that industry into a tailspin.

  • new-low-in-gold-stocks-is-a-strong-buy-signal

New Low In Gold Stocks Provides Strong Buy Signal

by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 23 February 2018

Gold is right back at resistance levels yet the various gold stock indices are off their September 2017 highs by 11% to 16%. The relative weakness in the gold stocks (and Silver) is a signal that Gold is unlikely to break out now.

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Arizona State Senate Approves Bill to Permit Tax Payments in Bitcoin

by Reshef Mashraky | 22 February 2018

  • trump-davos-free-trade

Jim Rickards: Trump, Davos and Free Trade

by Jim Rickards | 22 February 2018

Trump is not done with import tariffs, while on one hand, the Davos elites vehemently oppose both trade and capital controls, preferring instead a globalist “one-world” approach.

  • it-may-be-a-quiet-week-but-were-confident-volatility-will-return

It May Be A Quiet Week, But Volatility Will Return

by Matt Simpson | 22 February 2018

In some ways, volatility can be compared to the weather. The level of volatility is rarely ‘just right’ and you never have to look too far to find complaints that ‘volatility is dead’ or simply ‘too high’.

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The Dollar’s Historically Negative Relationship With Oil Has Flipped

by Matthew Weller | 22 February 2018

One of the first things that many commodity traders learn is that the price of raw materials like oil is inversely related to the value of the US dollar. The explanation for this relationship hinges on two widely-accepted premises.

  • nine-reasons-why-globalization-isnt-permanent

Nine Reasons Why Globalization Can’t Be Permanent

by Gail Trevberg | 22 February 2018

Since the late 1990s, globalization has seemed to be the great hope for the future. However, this great hope seems to be dimming due to some negative effects it has caused.

What Turns Corrections Into Bear Markets

by Investing.com | 22 February 2018

Corrections may be considered healthy occurrences for stock markets, but there's always the chance that they are actually just the beginning of a bear market. Unfortunately, for anxious investors, there's no way of knowing if that will happen.

  • market-remains-overvalued

Market Remains Overvalued

by Jill Mislinski | 22 Fenruary 2018

Based on the latest S&P 500 monthly data, the market is overvalued somewhere in the range of 77% to 141%, depending on the indicator, a change from 93% to 130% the previous month.

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What Will Happen to Bonds if Interest Rates “Normalize”?

by Cullen Roche | 22 February 2018

There’s a lot of chatter about rising interest rates and normalizing rates. This is to put some perspective and show a scenario analysis of how things might look if this actually happens.

  • brainless-traders-retirement-at-risk

Brainless Traders Are Putting Your Retirement At Risk

by Jody Chudley | 22 February 2018

You might think that having a brain is a requirement for successful investing. But for the past five years it hasn’t been. In fact, thinking has been quite detrimental to stock market performance.

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Top Gold Miners’ Supply Set To Fall Right When Investor Demand Is Poised To Soar

by Steve St. Angelo | 22 February 2018

The gold market is setting up for a perfect storm as the top mining producers’ supply is forecasted to decline right when demand is likely to surge.

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2 Key Reasons Facebook Will Continue To Be A Money-Making Machine

by Haris Anwar | 22 February 2018

It seems 2018 won’t be a year of smooth sailing for Facebook investors. At least not so far. Along with the ongoing flow of negative news about its platform, from a share price perspective, this social media giant looks like an underdog when compared to other top technology stocks.

  • jp-morgan-warming-up-to-bitcoin

Is JP Morgan Finally Warming to Bitcoin?

by Arnab Shome | 21 February 2018

A recent report by JP Morgan portrays a completely opposite stance on Bitcoin, relative to its CEO Jamie Dimon, who has always been very vocal with his skeptic statements about cryptocurrency.

  • motley-fool-etfs

The Motley Fool Jumps Into ETFs

by Cinthia Murphy | 21 February 2018

Bryan Hinmon, chief investment officer of Motley Fool Asset Management, gives a rundown on what makes Motley Fool tick, and what its footprint in the ETF space will look like.