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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley by The Investor’s Podcast Network is hosted by Shawn Flynn. It is an in-depth look into the workings of companies based in Silicon Valley. It delves into up-and-coming startups, established giants and the views of people who are making a mark in the technology scene in Silicon Valley.

Shawn regularly works with incubators, accelerators, angel groups, VC’s, local governments, and institutions to promote economic growth.


SV007: Tech and the Future of Construction with Michael Keogh

Released | 17 September 2019
Michael Keogh recently joined Stanley Black & Decker as SVP of their new Digital Innovation office. He is leading the effort to transform a 175-year old industrial company into a data and digital company.

SV006: What Really Happened when eBay Went to China with Alan Tien

Released | 17 September 2019
On today’s show, we talk to Alan Tien, an experienced senior executive in Internet, e-commerce, Online Payments, Emerging Markets (APAC), and Strategy.

SV005: Silicon Valley: A 40-year Career with John McNulty

Released | 17 September 2019
On today’s show, we chat with John McNulty, who has been a driving force in the technology industry for almost forty years.

SV004: Robots Taking our Jobs with Sunil Ranka

Released | 17 September 2019
On today’s show, we talk to Sunil Ranka. In the last 17 years, Sunil has built analytics and solution processes on more than 10 billion worth of businesses.

SV003: TEN Capital, Startup Funding, and Trends in Tech with Hall Martin

Released | 17 September 2019
On today’s show, we interview Hall Martin, who is the founder and CEO of TEN Capital, a company that helps startups and growth companies everywhere raise funding from angels, family offices, venture capital and high net worth individuals.

SV002: Autonomous Cars Are A Long Way Away with Pierro Scaruffi

Released | 17 September 2019
On the show today, we chat with Pierro Scaruffi, a freelance software consultant who has been a visiting scholar at both Harvard and Stanford, conducting research on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.

SV001: Canva, Disrupting Design with Melanie Perkins

Released | 17 September 2019
On today’s show, we have Melanie Perkins. She is the CEO and co-founder of Canva, an online design and publishing tool which makes graphic design simple for everyone.