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The Corporate Culture Scholarship sponsored by The Investor’s Podcast is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently attending any North American university.

The 2019 Corporate Culture Scholar will be granted an amount of $1,000.00.

Throughout multiple episodes, The Investor’s Podcast has studied the corporate culture of multiple industries and found it to be the most important indicator of future success. The intention of the scholarship is to expose corporations’ increasing focus on profit and decreasing interest in employees’ well-being. The Investor’s Podcast firmly believes that a highly profitable company shouldn’t come at the expense of its employees’ happiness. We believe that sustainable profitability originates from the employees’ happiness, and that value creation for society and the individual starts with the employers’ genuine actions of showing how much they care.

In your application, please elaborate on your ideal culture from your future employer. You should also include your personal background and how it’s related to the podcast episode above about the corporate culture at

Deadline for scholarship applications will be on October 01, 2019. 

You can find more information about corporate culture in the executive summary of the book Delivering Happiness here.

2019 Scholarship Application

The 2018 Corporate Culture Scholar

Kavita Kadiamada is currently a Senior at the University of the Pacific, taking up a degree in Biological Sciences. Before entering the university, Kavita has spent her summers shadowing and assisting doctors in Mexico and India, where her parents are from. Having been exposed to the healthcare system in different countries, she now aspires to be a physician who can treat patients in need with utmost care and competence in the future.

She works as a part-time tutor to local high school students, and a scribe in their local hospital, as her way of financing her education. Her ideal work culture is focusing on the employees’ happiness, positivity, motivation, and holistic health that will in turn manifest in the proper treatment and recovery of their hospital patients.

The 2017 Corporate Culture Scholar

Roslyn lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her passion lies in studying businesses, entrepreneurs, and the securities markets. When she’s not focused on writing brilliant academic papers and insightful analyses, Roslyn takes time off to check out the episodes of The Investors Podcast.

She particularly enjoys the episodes featuring Hari Ramachandra and Monish Pabrai. Roslyn also admires the teamwork of Stig and Preston as well as their efforts to foster a culturally diverse work environment.