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The 2019 Corporate Culture Scholar

Rachael Sudds grew up in Belleville, Ontario, an area with one of the highest urban child poverty rate in Canada. At a young age of 12, she was very much aware of their financial situation and resolved to become self-reliant to ease the burden in the family. She did her best to support herself, even if it meant temporarily taking time off school to find employment in order to pay for her secondary education.

With hard work and perseverance, Rachael is now a fourth-year commerce student at Queen’s University. She is the Head Manager of Oil Thigh Designs, a student-run non-profit organization whose proceeds are donated to their chosen charities every year. Alongside her studies and extra-curricular activities, she is also a Partnership Coordinator for a tech start-up, DocuPet. As a student employee, she believes that having a corporate vision, encouraging connectedness, communication and diversity among employees, in addition to providing employees perceived control and progress, are the key factors for a successful corporate culture.

2020 Scholarship Application

We have yet to open the applications for the 2020 Cultural Scholarship Program. Should you be interested in applying, you may refer to the details below to get an idea of how the application process will be.


The Corporate Culture Scholarship sponsored by The Investor’s Podcast Network is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently attending any North American university.

Throughout multiple episodes, The Investor’s Podcast Network has studied the corporate culture of multiple industries and found it to be the most important indicator of future success. The intention of the scholarship is to expose corporations’ increasing focus on profit and decreasing interest in employees’ well-being. The Investor’s Podcast Network firmly believes that a highly profitable company shouldn’t come at the expense of its employees’ happiness. We believe that sustainable profitability originates from the employees’ happiness, and that value creation for society and the individual starts with the employers’ genuine actions of showing how much they care.

Applicants are expected to elaborate on their ideal culture from their future employer. Applicants should also include your personal background and how it’s related to the podcast episode above about the corporate culture at

You can find more information about corporate culture in the executive summary of the book Delivering Happiness here.

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