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TIP Academy

The mission of TIPacademy is to provide courses, materials, and resources to help the community learn and grow financially and mentally.

TIP Academy Courses

TIP Academy - Intrinsic Value Course

Start the Intrinsic Value Course: Click Here

TIP Academy - The Intelligent Investor Video Course

Start The Intelligent Investor Video Course: Click Here

TIP Academy - How To Invest in ETFs

Start the How to Invest in ETFs Video Course: Click Here

TIP Academy - How Macro Really Works

Start the How Macro Really Works Video Course: Click Here

TIP Academy Resources

TIP Academy - Intrinsic Value Index

View all of the intrinsic value assessments: Click Here

TIP Academy - Mayer Multiple

Learn more about Bitcoin: Click Here

TIP Academy - Billionaires' Secrets to Success

Discover Billionaires’ Secrets to Success: Click Here

TIP Academy - Warren Buffett Investing Course

Start the Warren Buffett Investing Course: Click Here

TIP Academy - Warren Buffett Videos

Explore a library of videos about Warren Buffett: Click Here

TIP Academy - Tools and Resources

Check out our recommend tools and resources: Click Here

TIP Academy - Legend Investor Stock Portfolio

Check out the stock portfolio of legend investors: Click Here


TIP Academy - Executive Summaries

View all of the executive summaries: Click Here

TIP Academy - Billionaires' Favorite Books

Check out the favorite books of billionaires: Click Here

TIP Academy - Our Investing Books

Check out our investing books: Click Here

TIP Academy - Top 10 Books

Learn more about Preston and Stig’s Top 10 Books: Click Here

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