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This is a great but also a tough question to answer since it depends on your investment strategy. For instance, the intrinsic value course is of little use if you’re solely into ETF investing, and you could bring the same argument to the table if you’re not into valuing individual stocks.

But I would complete the courses in the following order.

1) The Intrinsic Value Course

This course is a natural continuation of the free course that was created by both Preston and Stig. It continues in the same theme of understanding and in turn valuing individual companies. You can also download the calculator we’ve developed specifically for this course. The best way to understand the type of analyses you can conduct after completing the course is by studying one of our stock analyses.

2) The Intelligent Investor

This is a classic book in the value investing community for a good reason. It provides good arguments for a very quantitative approach to stock investing that has historically proven successful at the time of Benjamin Graham’s writing, and it still outperforms today. It also opens up the opportunity for the benefits of ETF investing, even though ETFs were not yet invented at the time.

3) How to Invest in ETFs

ETF investing is a very appealing strategy for many investors because you can be wrong about the individual stock pick, while an ETF is a basket of stocks that ensure diversification. Still, investing in any ETF opens you up to multiple potential mistakes, so we created this course to address the best practices head-on.  

4) How Macro Really Works

This course is not directly applicable to a retail stock investor who focuses on the individual stock, but rather looks at portfolio allocation as a macro investor.

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