TIP122: Momentum Investing w/ Wesley Gray

Date | 7 January 2017

In this second part episode, Preston and Stig continue their discussion with their favorite investing legend, Mohnish Pabrai. Mohnish discusses his opinions on why the airline industry might be undervalued. If you're looking to hear a detailed analysis of how Mohnish thinks through an investment decision, this episode will provide vital clues. Additionally, Mohnish talks about his biggest mistakes and what he learned from those experiences.

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TIP Local Mastermind Groups

Are you looking to network with people that have similar interests and share the culture of the TIP community?  If so, local masterminds are forming and you can be part of the movement.  Checkout the map below to see where the first 5 locations are being held.  Numerous other locations are  currently forming and will be […]

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TIP mastermind

If you have an interest in setting-up your own TIP mastermind group in your local town, please contact:




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Kyle Bass on China – Real Vision TV

Kyle Bass is a very famous investor because the block buster movie, The Big Short, was based on him and a few other investors.  In 2008, Bass successfully predicted and effectively bet against the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis by purchasing credit default swaps on subprime securities which, in turn, increased in value when the real […]

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TIP Logos

Click on the links below to download the fonts.











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