One of the things that Preston and Stig love to do is interact with members of their podcast community.  In an effort to create tremendous networking opportunities and interact with investors that have similar interests, Preston and Stig are creating live events across the world throughout the year.  If you would like to hang out with Preston or Stig at any of the events below, be sure to sign-up through the links provided:

Upcoming TIP Live Events

Manila, Philippines 1 December 2017. If you wish to attend please contact Stig directly at

Previous TIP Live Events

Omaha NE – May 2016

Seoul, Korea – June 2016

Huntsville, Alabama – July 2016

Aarhus, Denmark – July 2016

Baltimore, Maryland – September 2016

Seoul, Korea – October 2016

Manila, Philippines – December 2016

London, England – January 2017

New York City – April 2017

Omaha NE – May 2017

Kyoto, Japan – June 2017

New York City – August 2017

Chengdu, China – September 2017


Below is a list of pictures from previous events the community has put together.








TIP Aarhus

Live Event Seoul

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