In this exciting interview with Bill Miller, Preston and Stig gain access to one of the greatest investing minds of all time. Mr. Miller was the former Chairman and Chief Investment Officer for Legg Mason Capital Management where he managed over 75 billion dollars. Today, Miller owns and operates Miller Value Partners. Through the years, Mr. Miller has been called “The Greatest Money Manager of the Decade” by Morningstar, a member of the “Power 30” by SmartMoney, and a member of the “All-Century Investment Team” by Barron’s.

During the discussion, Mr. Miller talks about the current market conditions, bond rates, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


  • If the change in US fiscal policy will affect bond yields
  • How and why Bill Miller is using moving day average to time his investment decisions
  • Why Bill invested in Bitcoin and if he still has a position
  • The most important cognitive biases for new investors to be aware off
  • Ask The Investors: Which impact will babyboomers’ retirement have on the stock market

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