What a journey.  When we first started recording this show two years ago, we really had no idea where it might take us.  Before starting the podcast, we were big fans of Warren Buffett and value investing, but as we continued along this journey of learning and discovery, we found new ideas, new interests, new friends, and countless life lessons.  We truly want to thank our amazing audience members for this tremendous opportunity!  -Preston and Stig

During the start of episode 100, Preston and Stig pick the top two or three things they learned from studying billionaires.  Next, they capture the top two or three things they learned from studying the market behavior during 100 episodes.   As the episode progresses, they decide to cold-call some of the members of the audience.  What they uncover during the candid calls from the audience is that the community is full of amazing and engaging questions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The most important things Preston and Stig have learned after 100 episodes.
  • Why the financial analysis is more important than the conclusion
  • If macro economics is important for the stock investor
  • What Preston and Stig’s defining moments have been in their lives
  • How investing might look in the future
  • About Intrinsic Value
  • Whether or not investing in small cap stocks are risky
  • How to use Shiller’s P/E to guide your investment strategy
  • About different opinions on the Canadian oil sands

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