Every quarter the Mastermind Group from The Investor’s Podcast gets together to discusses their latest investment ideas. In this episode, the group covered Warren Buffett’s letter to Shareholders.  Since Buffett’s shareholder letters are only released once a year, it’s exciting for many value investors to scour through his new thoughts and ideas.  This year, Buffett discusses ETFs and numerous other topics.

Throughout the discussion, the group has various takes on why Berkshire is holding such a large cash position while also cover the return they would expect to receive by owning Berkshire Stock today.  Later in the show, Preston talks about two critical lessons he learned from Bill Miller and Edward Thorp while discussing credit cycles.  In general, the group had a fun conversation about various value investing topics in the first quarter 2017.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • If Charlie Munger thinks it’s better to invest in China than the US
  • If Warren Buffett is winning his $1M cash bet against hedge funds
  • Why Warren Buffett’s is holding $86B in cash
  • Why index funds are mispricing individual stocks
  • Why Bill Miller thinks the stock market could easily go higher

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