Recorded | 20 January 2018
In today's show, we review recent comments by Billionaires Ray Dalio and Bill Gross. Both comments adress the expectations both investors have for the market behavior in 2018. You'll learn why both men think the sell-off in the bond market will continue to persist, and why they think the stock market isn't as expensive as most people make it out to be.

Recorded | 6 January 2018
In today's show, we talk about Quantitative Tightening and the impact on the US Stock Market. The group has an in-depth discussion about the bond yield curve and how it might look as 2018 progresses. Our guest, Richard Duncan, has worked at the IMF and World Bank and has over 30 years of experience in financial markets.

Recorded | 6 January 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig review the newly released book, The Art of the Good Life. The book's author is Rolf Dobelli and he uncovers the 52 surprising shortcuts to happiness, wealth, and success.


  • grow-your-side-hustle

How to Grow Your Side Hustle Into a Successful Business

by Jeff Desjardins | 15 February 2018

A side hustle isn’t enough for some. Instead, they want to take their passion and grow it into a real business. Today’s infographic gives 10 useful steps on how to make that transition a reality.

  • gold-gain-in-2017

Will Gold Ever Get Its Glitter Back?

by Jesse Cohen | 15 February 2018

Gold started the new year on an upbeat note, finishing January with a gain of roughly 3% after reaching a 17-month peak on January 25, close to the $1,370 level, as a weaker U.S. dollar boosted its appeal.

  • whodunit


by Cullen Roche | 15 February 2018

In the wake of a meager sell-off in the stock market, we’re seeing the “blame game” play out, but I hate the idea that there is an antagonist and protagonist. The market is more complex than that.

  • time-series-momentum

Time Series Momentum (aka Trend-Following): A Good Time for a Refresh

by Larry Swedroe | 15 February 2018

Time-series momentum, also called trend momentum, is measured by a portfolio which is long assets which have had recent positive returns and short assets which have had recent negative returns.

  • interest-rates-walking-on-narrow-ledge

Whenever Rates Rise, These 2 ETFs Profit Handsomely

by Joseph L. Shaefer | 15 February 2018

There are many investment choices in the marketplace that have nothing to do with the companies traded there. Some of these have a zero or negative correlation with the stock market, which in times of severe volatility and turmoil makes them worth considering solely for that reason.

  • markets

Market Volatility Pales To Worst Times Of The Past

by Investing.com | 15 February 2018

The Dow Industrial's recent selloffs were not only a shock to investors swept up in the uninterrupted rally of the past 18 months, they were also a reminder of just how little volatility there's been in the nine-year bull market.

  • us-sec-cftc-chairmen-crypto-regulation

United States SEC and CFTC Chairmen Both in Favor of Crypto Regulation

by Rachel Mcintosh | 14 February 2018

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of the United States CFTC, expressed strong support of regulatory and policy efforts on virtual currency trading and investing.

  • economy-news/the-week-ahead-5-things-to-watch-on-the-economic-calendar

After A 10% Drop, Will Equities ‘V Bounce’ Or Double Bottom?

by Urban Carmel | 14 February 2018

The current bull market has been different. Since 2009, about half of the corrections have had a "V bounce." So what happens this time?

  • valentines-day-marketing

Six Sweet Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

by Sara Grillo | 14 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a huge commercial holiday for financial advisors, too. Here are some ideas to get the love connection going on with some new prospects this February 14th.

  • day-ahead-top-3-things

Fast Food Industry Enjoying A Slowdown

by Investing.com | 14 February 2018

Fast food is slower. That's because more and more fast food chains are taking online orders and delivering the food to their customers.

  • most-valuable-brand-per-country-2018

The Most Valuable Brand in Each Country in 2018

by Jeff Desjardins | 14 February 2018

Today’s infographic shows the most valuable international brands for each country in 2018, using updated rankings from Brand Finance’s Global 500 Report.

  • Bill-Gates-Warren-Buffett-Reasons-Microsoft-Philanthropy

Why Bill Gates Works With Warren Buffett: Inspiration Behind Microsoft Co-Founder’s Philanthropy

by The Investors Podcast | 14 February 2018

Having a net worth beyond $90 billion, Bill Gates has been busy making sure that his billions benefit more than just his own family but also the rest of the world. Aside from setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, the Microsoft co-founder also initiated The Giving Pledge alongside famed billionaire Warren Buffett in 2010.

  • business-travelers-prefer-ridehailing-to-taxis

Day Ahead: Top 3 Things to Watch

by Investing.com | 14 February 2018

Check out what investors must watch out for today, focusing on US consumer inflation, energy information administration weekly inventory report, and German fourth-quarter gross domestic product.

  • gold-fireworks

Gold Fireworks On The Horizon

by Jesse Felder | 14 February 2018

The gold price has risen about 20% since I wrote about the gold market but it looks to me like it could now get really exciting for gold bulls.

  • thinking-in-bets

Book Review: Thinking in Bets

by David Foulke | 14 February 2018

If you are looking for an applied framework for the newest cutting edge behavioral psychology, you should read “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts,” by Annie Duke.

  • best-stocks-government-shutdown

FX Traders Not Convinced Panic Selling Is Over

by Kathy Lien | 14 February 2018

U.S. stocks started the week with a rally strong enough for market participants to hope that the panic selling is over.

  • Bond-permabears

Remembering Bear Markets, From Bad to Worse

by Investing.com | 14 February 2018

The recent selloffs on Wall Street have a few analysts predicting the onset of a bear market in stocks.

  • bitcoin-hit-100000

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Hit $100,000

by Andrew Keene | 13 February 2018

There’s one market and one investment that has made me completely change my attitude about “buy and hold” as a trading strategy…That’s the bitcoin market.

  • us-mortgage-industry

Is it Springtime in the US Mortgage Industry?

by Christopher Whalen | 13 February 2018

It’s a strange time in the housing market. Home price increases have been running above the posted inflation rate for more than five years, yet lending volumes are expected to fall again.

Silver Bears Taking The Metal Lower

by Anna Coulling | 13 February 2018

Silver and gold tend to be close bedfellows and whilst the two are moving in similar directions, the daily chart for silver is rather different than that for gold, and in some ways suggests stronger bearish momentum to follow for the industrial metal.