Recorded | 18 November 2017
In today's show, we talk to Tobias Carlisle about his new book, The Acquirer's Multiple. The book explains how investors like Buffett, Icahn, and many others capture big stock market returns by filtering for companies with a low enterprise value compared to EBIT.

Recorded | 11 November 2017
Billionaire Ray Dalio is one of the biggest names in finance.  He achieved this recognition due to Bridgewater Associate's stellar performance over numerous decades of operations.  For instance, during the 2008 financial crisis, the US Stock market was down -50% and Dalio's Pure Alpha fund was up 9.4%.  In this week's episode, we read Ray's new book, Principles.  The book was recently released on Amazon in October, and it's quickly rose to numerous bestseller ranking.

Recorded | 4 November 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig dig around in the public markets to try and find a couple of value picks that are priced to perform. During the show, two of the stocks appear to have an intrinsic value that's 3 times higher than the S&P500, whereas the last pick is a great business, but priced for a horrible return.


  • can-a-new-cryptocurrency-save-velenzuela

Can A New Cryptocurrency Save Venezuela?

by Investing.com | 10 December 2017

Many tech-savvy Venezuelans have turned to Bitcoin as a safe-haven, but now Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is pitching an alternative.

  • who-is-jack-ma

Who Is Jack Ma, Founder Of Chinese Giant Alibaba?

by Investing.com | 10 December 2017

Lately, Jack Ma has been in the news for his performing ability, but behind that hides the story of a businessman overcoming adversity.

  • when-will-the-bitcoin-mania-end

How Will the Bitcoin Mania End?

by Cullen Roche | 9 December 2017

The Bitcoin mania is real and it's spreading faster than anyone ever imagined. The question is, when will it all die down?

  • what-is-a-hedge-fund

What is a Hedge Fund?

by Jeff Desjardins | 9 December 2017

Infographic: Know more about Hedge Funds, from the basics to benefits and disadvantages.

  • how-to-profit-from-the-copper-craze

How to Profit from the Copper Craze

by Real Vision Television

A triple your money return could be lurking in the metals market. It's best to know where the best investment opportunities are.

  • crestmont-market-valuation

Cresetmont Market Valuation Update

by Jill Mislinski

The article P/E: Future On The Horizon by Advisor Perspectives contributor, Ed Easterling, provided an overview for determining where the market is headed.

  • amazon-vs-retail-etfs

Amazon vs Retail ETFs: Not So Easy

by Lara Crigger | 10 December 2017

Brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling right now, but it's not entirely because online stores are treading on their turf.

  • dow_sp-500-notch-record

Dow, S&P 500 Notch Record Close as Tech Advances

by Investing.com | 9 December 2017

US stocks closed at record highs on Friday as investors cheered a labor market report showing the U.S. economy created more jobs than expected.

  • top-5-things-that-moved-markets-this-week

Top 5 Things That Moved Markets This Past Week

by Investing.com | 9 December 2017

Take a peek at the top 5 things that made the biggest impact on U.S. markets this week.

  • under-pressure-nations-respond-t--crypto-legislation

Under Pressure: The World’s Nations Respond to Need for Crypto Legislation

by Rachel Mcintosh | 8 December 2017

As cryptocurrency is garnering more and more attention around the world, governments are recognizing the immediate need to address its legal status.

  • shanghai-stocks-falling-out

Shanghai Stocks Falling Out of Favor As Central Bank Tightening Hard On Track

by Mark Melin | 8 December 2017

The Shanghai Composite Index had its worst day and beyond the algorithmic factors, there are fundamental concerns, notes a Deutsche Bank report.

  • myth-busting-stocks-correlation

Myth Busting: Stocks Correlations and Active Investment Opportunities

by Aaron Brask | 8 December 2017

Surprisingly, myths regarding the relationship between stock correlations and opportunities for active stock pickers are very common.

  • personal-capital-fiduciary-standard

The Price of Trust: Why You Should Choose a Fiduciary to Handle Your Life Savings

Sponsored by Personal Capital

How can you be sure that your financial advisor is trustworthy when it comes to your savings? And how can you find a financial industry expert who actually commits to putting your interests over theirs at all costs?

  • shine-on-you-you-crazy-blockchain

Shine on, You Crazy Blockchain: The Bitcoin Diamond Fork is Now

by Rachel Mcintosh | 8 December 2017

Introducing the newest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Diamond, the brainchild of two teams of anonymous Bitcoin miners - 007 and EVEY.

  • when-tail-risk-isnt-tail-risk

When Tail Risk isn’t Tail Risk

by Cullen Roche | 8 December 2017

Half of the battle in portfolio management is really wading through the sea of BS narratives that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

  • gold-prices-tumble

Gold Prices Tumble 1% as Tax Reform Optimism Lifts Dollar

by Investing.com | 8 December 2017

Gold prices fell to 4-month lows pressured by continued dollar strength on the back of investor optimism over the progress of US tax reform.

  • day-ahead-top-3-things-to-watch

The Day Ahead: Top 3 Things to Watch

by Investing.com | 8 December 2017

Here’s a preview of the top 3 things that could rock markets today.

  • the-power-of-smart-contracts

The Power of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

by Jeff Desjardins | 7 December 2017

Infographic: An introduction to Smart Contracts, an exciting enabler of the revolutionary blockchain technology.

  • a-video-game-analogy

A Video Game Analogy to Our Energy Predicament

by Gail Tverberg | 7 December 2017

World leaders manipulate the world economy like a giant video game with the objective of advancing to the next level without adverse consequences.

  • thoughts-on-antifragility-of-bitcoin

Thoughts on the Antifragility of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

by Jay Norupp | 7 December 2017

For the past 8 years, no one has been able to successfully attack Bitcoin. While that isn’t much for a new type of asset, it is a testament to its antifragility.