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Posted | 21 July 2018
On today’s show we talk to the founder of ETFmg, Sam Masucci.  Sam's company is responsible for bringing the first Artificial Intelligence ETF onto the market.  The name of the ticker is AIEQ, and since inception in OCT 2017, the fund has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly twice the yield (as of July 2018).  During our discussion with Sam, we ask him about the deep learning methodology and how the programmers integrated IBM Watson technology into the logic.  Additionally, we talk to Sam about another artificial intelligence ETF called BIKR, which was designed and launched by the legendary investor, Jim Rogers.

Posted | 14 July 2018
On today’s show we talk about the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos. Jeff built Amazon. Jeff rose to business stardom after creating Amazon and numerous other businesses within a 20 year period of time. Jeff got his start in retail but his business quickly grew into a technical powerhouse by creating Amazon Web Services (AWS). On todays' show we play the best Q & A's we could find from Jeff.

Posted | 7 July 2018
On today’s show we talk about the very popular entrepreneur, Daymond John. John rose to business stardom after creating the global clothing line FUBU. Later he became a celebrity figure on ABC’s Shark Tank. To cover Daymond John's accomplishments we read his popular book: The Power of Broke


Tesla Going Private Could Hit Many ETFs

by Lara Crigger | 14 August 2018

All together, 103 ETFs hold some 4.8 million shares of Tesla, worth a combined $1.45 billion. If Tesla goes private, what happens to those holdings?

Three Things I Think I Think – Tesla x 3

by Cullen Roche | 14 August 2018

In many ways, Tesla is a perfect case study in why you shouldn’t pick stocks. The Tesla stock has fooled people at every step of the way.

The Carry Factor and Global Risks

by Larry Swedroe | 14 August 2018

The carry factor is the tendency for higher-yielding assets to provide higher returns than lower-yielding assets. Some might say that it is a cousin to the value factor.

Jim Rickards: Signs Point to a Global Slowdown

by Jim Rickards | 13 August 2018

As gold has struggled through 2018, (down over 10% from $1,363/oz. on January 25 to $1,215/oz. today), my forecast for a strong year-end for gold has remained unchanged.

Monetary Paradigm Reset

by Keith Weiner | 13 August 2018

The prevailing paradigm is the dollar-centric view. This view is characterized by two premises. One, the dollar is money. And two, the value of money is not defined in terms of gold.

5 Pharmaceutical IPOs in July

by Gabrielle Lakusta | 12 August 2018

These five companies have recently completed the steps in joining the public market, allowing more opportunities for pharmaceutical investors.

Momentum Variations

by Nicolas Rabener | 12 August 2018

This short research note highlights variations of the long-short Momentum factor in equities, which results in relatively comparable return profiles, despite different factor definitions.

Inflation Hits the Headlines

by Eric Cinnamond | 12 August 2018

The rising trend in corporate costs and pricing in 2017 continues today. How long this trend will persist remains uncertain, but to claim the uptick in inflation is temporary seems premature.

The Sad Fate of Companies – and Empires

by Brian Maher | 12 August 2018

Apple wins the race… first U.S. company to a $1 trillion market cap. Poor Apple. It is most likely represented “Peak Apple”… and it’s probably downhill from here.

Which are the Best Performing US Banks?

by Christopher Whalen | 11 August 2018

Which are the best performing banks in the US? Equity returns for the entire industry averaged 11.4% in Q1’18, up from 9.6% for all of 2017.

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