Recorded | 2 September 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig hold their Mastermind discussion with Saber Capital Management Founder, John Huber and Hari Ramachandra. Each member of the group presents a stock investing idea. After each group member pitches their idea, the group then dissects and troubleshoots the position. If you're interested in hearing how members of the mastermind determine intrinsic value and identify risks, you'll enjoy hearing this discussion.

Recorded | 26 AUG 2017
Boardroom disputes and hostile takeovers are often events that common investors never get full access to. In a fresh and thoroughly researched book, Jeff Gramm provides rare and never-before-published letters from Wall Street icons—including Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Ross Perot, Carl Icahn, and Daniel Loeb. In our interview with Jeff, he talks about his experience writing his superb book. You won't want to miss this interesting interview.

Recorded |19 AUG 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to Joe Studwell, the author of How Asia Works. This book was a strong recommendation by Bill Gates in 2014 to help understand why some countries progress at a rapid rate, while others decline. Joe provides an interesting analysis of countries in Asia and what they did to reform their economies and progress so much in the recent decades. You won't want to miss this interesting interview.


Bitcoin Hits $5,400 on Hopes China Will Reverse Exchange Ban

by Investing.com | 13 October 2017

Bitcoin reached its new milestone as reports suggested that China could lift its ban on Bitcoin exchanges allowing trading to resume under a more stringent regulatory environment.

Insider news: CEO of RH Buys $1 Million Worth of Stock

by Asif Suria | 13 October 2017

Chairman & CEO Gary G. Friedman acquired 13,959 shares of the company formerly known as Restoration Hardware, paying $71.64 per share for a total amount of $1 million.

Are Bank Stock Gains Sustainable?

by Sheraz Mian | 13 October 2017

It has been a tough ride for bank stocks this year, with the industry unable to sustain the post-election momentum after mid-February 2017.

ISM Non-Manufacturing: September Highest Since 2005

by Jill Mislinski | 13 October 2017

The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) has now released the September Non-Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI). The headline Composite Index is at 59.8 percent, up 4.5 from 55.3 last month and its highest since August 2005.

A Fraud At The Top Of Tesla?

by Zach Scheidt | 13 October 2017

Is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) a fraud? That’s one of the many questions investors are asking this week after Tesla released sales figures for the third quarter.

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti on Client Sentiment, Fed and Bitcoin

by Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance | 12 October 2017

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti discusses client sentiment, Federal Reserve monetary policy and bitcoin.

Is it too late to buy stocks?

by CNN Money | 12 October 2017

The current bull market is the second longest in history. So is it too late to get in?

How to Invest in Biotechnology

by Bryan Mc Govern | 12 October 2017

Investors interested in the life science sector are well aware of the importance biotechnology has in this area of investment. But how can investors invest in biotechnology?

Investing for the next century

by Real Vision Publications | 12 October 2017

Where do you expect to be in a hundred years? Almost everyone reading this report will probably be dead. Well, if we are going to die, why not leave some assets behind for our descendants? What could stand the test of time – perhaps a 100-year bond?

August Trade Deficit at $42.4B, Better Than Forecast

by Jill MIslinski | 12 October 2017

The U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services, also known as the FT-900, is published monthly by the Bureau of Economic Analysis with data going back to 1992. The monthly reports include revisions that go back several months. This report details U.S. exports and imports of goods and services.

Economists Hate These Stocks – But We’re Booking Double-Digit Gains…

by Greg Guenthner | 12 October 2017

Economists are turning against homebuilders once again. Harvey and Irma have done serious damage to countless homes in Texas and Florida, throwing a wrench in the gears of a fragile housing market comeback.

Are we heading for a real estate bubble world wide?

by Real Vision Publications | 11 October 2017

Real estate bubbles are often the most insidious of all financial bubbles. We can choose not to participate in the stock market and bond market – but we don’t need a stock certificate to keep warm and dry.

Watch the Fed’s New Guard, Not the Old

by James Rickards | 11 October 2017

Expert consensus was almost unanimous that the Fed had sent a hawkish message after its September meeting. A December rate hike was “still on the table.”

Goldman Sachs: No Signs of Recession

by Cullen Roche | 11 October 2017

Since recessions are pretty rare and often involve traumatic market environments you can be relatively passive, but still try to manage the risk in a portfolio. Then, the other 90% of the time when the economy is expanding you’re just super aggressive.

Will the oil market ever be the same?

by Real Vision Publications | 11 October 2017

Oil has been in a multi-year bear market since 2014, driven in no small part by the rise of the dollar during that period. However, with the falling dollar and a potential inflationary spike from China, it is worth examining whether the facts have changed.

September Jobs Report: 33K Jobs Lost, Likely Affect of Hurricanes

by Jill Mislinski | 11 October 2017

This employment report for September showed a 33K decrease in total nonfarm payrolls, which was worse than forecasts and is most likely the effect of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The unemployment rate ticked down to 4.2%.

Jim Rickards: Russia has more than doubled the pace of its gold purchases

by James Rickards | 11 October 2017

Russia’s desire to break away from the hegemony of the U.S. dollar and the dollar payment system is well-known. Perhaps Russia’s most aggressive weapon in its war on dollars is gold.

Worst Performing ETFs Of The Year

by Sumit Roy | 11 October 2017

Take a look at the other end of the spectrum, the worst-performing ETFs of the year. This post has two lists; one that includes all exchange-traded funds, and one that excludes inverse and leveraged products.

Warren Buffett on Investments and Income Inequality

by Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance | 10 October 2017

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Warren Buffett discusses the Glide Foundation, his investments in Bank of America, Home Capital and IBM, and his views on income inequality.

If Equities Explode Should You Go Back To Gold?

by Mark Mead Baillie | 10 October 2017

Should investors be surprised that from one month ago, gold has dropped 100 points from its year-to-date high of 1362.4 to 1262.8 before settling out the week 1278.9?