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Recorded | 6 October 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to the founder of Alpha Architect about the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the finance sector.

Recorded | 29 September 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to one of their heroes, Tony Robbins. Tony is an entrepreneur and runs multiple businesses that have sales of 6 billion a year. Tony is a New York Times Best Selling author and has personally worked with some of the most profound influences in the world. During the interview, we talk to Tony about his new book, Unshakeable.

Recorded | 22 September 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig talk about billionaire Bill Gates. This is a great episode if you're interested in how Mr. Gates got his start and became a billionaire. Additionally, there are numerous discussions about becoming a better business leader.


Volcker Rebukes Bernanke and Yellen

by Christopher Whalen | 10 November 2018 | 03:59 EST

In his new book, Paul Volcker delivers a sound rebuke to Chairmen Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, and other Fed governors and economists.

Asset Diversification in a Flat World

by Larry Swedroe | 09 November 2018 | 07:55 EST

A discussion on asset diversification, its growth and decline over the years alongside changes in the market.

Behind Factor Bets In Dividend ETFs

by Cinthia Murphy | 08 November 2018 | 06:13 EST

With dividend growth this year both in the U.S. and abroad, what’s not to like about an equity portfolio that shells out, say, an 8% dividend yield?

How To Build a Risk Budget

by Lara Crigger | 07 November 2018 | 05:51 EST

Leighton Shantz, director of fixed income for the $29 billion Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) gives his take on the institutional approach to fixed-income investing.

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