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Recorded | 7 April 2018
On today's show we have a Bitcoin debate. On the bull side, we have Tuur Demeester. Tuur has owned Bitcoin since it was $5 and he has become a global authority in the space with over 160,000 followers on social media. On the bear side, we have Erik Townsend. Erik is tech entrepreneur and founder of his own global macro hedge fund. He is also the founder of the popular podcast Macro Voices. Whether you're a bull or bear on crypto, you won't want to miss this interesting conversation.

Recorded | 31 March 2018
On today's episode we talking to Dr. Richard Smith. Smith is an expert at momentum investing and is the founder of the popular investing website, TradeStops. During the discussion Smith explains how a firm understanding of volatility and statistics can enable momentum investors an edge in determining entry and exit points into stocks that are selected based on fundamental advantages.

Recorded | 25 March 2018
On today's show, we talk to the astute Luke Gromen about the current dollar decline. Luke provides numerous details why the dollar is currently devaluing despite the FED tightening the money supply. Additionally, Luke talks about the interesting relationship with China and how they are acquiring large amounts of gold and oil to reduce their dependence on the US dollar.


Three Drivers Of Gold

by Arkadiusz Sieron I 20 May 2018

Detailing most important elements in the gold’s puzzle -- the real interest rates, the US Dollar and the risk aversion. Why are these important forces?

Top 5 Things That Moved Markets This Past Week

by I 20 May 2018

Here are the top 5 things that rocked U.S. markets this week -- Rising Bond Yields, Crude Oil Prices Notch Third Weekly Win, Dollar Hits 5-Month High, Heavy Selling Pressure Hits Gold, and update on Bitcoin

Unexpected Events

by Eric Cinnamond | 19 May 2018

While “life happens” is a constant theme for most of us, there are times when things seem to have pile on quicker than normal.

Financials: Shrinking NIM, Fading Deregulation

by Christopher Whalen | 19 May 2018

Here are a number of factors that have led to the historic gains seen in equity markets since the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent tax cuts, especially when it comes to financials.

Gold and Silver For the Long Run

by Craig Hemke | 19 May 2018

In the long run, owning gold and silver is going to be, by far, the smartest thing one could have done.” - Eric Sprott on financial security in uncertain times

Will Lack Of Regulatory Clarity Annihilate ICO Activity?

by Tanzeel Akhtar I 19 May 2018

ICO, the cryptocurrency world's version of initial public offerings (IPOs), has quickly become a popular way for crypto and blockchain start-ups to raise funds. Why are there growing concerns about this latest method of raising capital?

Intrinsic Value Assessment of AGCO CORPORATION (AGCO)

by David J. Flood | 18 May 2018

A comprehensive Intrinsic Value Assessment of AGCO Corporation which designs, builds, and sells agricultural machinery, such as tractors, replacement systems, combine harvesters, and many more.

Deutsche Bank + Citigroup?

by Christopher Whalen | 18 May 2018

Watching the financial dramas of HNA Group and Deutsche Bank AG, we are reminded of Timothy Dickinson - the image of purposeful design and order imposed from above by experts and regulators is largely an illusion.

Philly Fed Manufacturing Index: Growth Picks Up In May

by Jill Mislinski I 18 May 2018

Detailing Philly Fed's Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey, a monthly report that gives a generally reliable clue as to the direction of the broader Chicago Fed's National Activity Index.

Equity Analysis: Art Or Science?

by Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA | 18 May 2018

People in financial industry exist along a continuum. In equity analysis, there are the logicians, the storytellers, and then people in the middle.