On today’s show, we have MIT-trained physicist and entrepreneur Peter Fiekowsky who is committed to leaving behind a world he is proud of. Peter’s passion for that goal drives his leadership in multiple climate initiatives, including volunteering for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and founding the Climate Restoration Alliance (CRA). He is also founder and president of Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) LLC and a board member of Zynergy Capital Inc. He holds 27 patents.


  • How much support does the United Nations currently give for the environmental effort?
  • What are possible solutions to rid the world of the CO2 problem and how much will these solutions cost?
  • What is the future of power?
  • What is ColdFusion?
  • How do crypto currencies like bitcoin, and all the energy that it takes to mine them, affect the environment?

We would like to give a special thanks to Sunil Bhaskaran who is the founder of “The Global Business Mastermind” for connecting us with Peter Fiekowsky. Without Sunil, this interview would not have been possible.


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