We’re happy to welcome Sharon Vosmek to the show today! Sharon is the CEO of Astia, managing director of the Astia Fund, and a managing member of Astia Angels. Astia is the pre-eminent organization working to ensure the success of high-growth startups founded and led by women. Astia Angels is a global investment group comprised of family offices and HNW individuals to invest directly into women-led, high-growth companies. She is well-regarded around the globe for her opinions, research and commentary on the importance of women leaders as integral to innovation and high-performing entrepreneurial companies.


  • What is the current VC model and how is it broken?
  • How important is diversity for a company? Are there any measurable benefits?
  • What is the investment thesis for Astia?
  • What is screening process that Astia uses to eliminate any biases?

We would like to make a special thanks to Maya Tussing who is a Principal, Institutional Investment Advisor at Alesco Advisors LLC . Without her, we would never have met Sharon.


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