On today’s show, we interview Sam Liang, the Founder and CEO of Otter.ai, a highly disruptive collaboration and productivity tool. Otter.ai has won many of the most prestigious awards in tech given by companies such as Google, FastCompany, PcMag, and more. Before founding his startup, Sam worked at Google where he led the location-based services unit, and won an award for the “Bluedot Mobile Location System.” Sam received a PhD at Stanford for Internet Distributed Systems, working under the professor who is known for being the first investor in Google.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How big of a market there is for a program for translating and storing conversations
  • How Otter works and how it continually keeps improving using Artificial Intelligence
  •  What the next few years looks like for use of data and how programs will get more and more accurate in time
  •  How a translation tool will revolutionize what we know about ourselves

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We would like to give a special thanks to Rick Quan who made the introduction to the Sam Liang, which allowed this amazing interview to happen.

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