On today’s show, we have Jonathan Trent. His 20-year stint at NASA as a Senior Research Scientist has included research in marine science, microbiology and cell biology, medicine, nanotechnology, engineering, and environmental sciences. After doing 7 TED talks about his career in science, he is now leaving NASA to form his own startup which will pivot from the offshore system to an onshore design that he is calling UpCycle Systems. It will be the only patented technology that accepts wet waste as is, without initial treatment, and then converts it to renewable assets, clean water, steam, electricity, gas and minerals.


  • Did the US ever land on the moon?
  • What has changed at NASA over the last 20 years?
  • How likely is it that we will soon go to Mars?
  • What is the big picture of the environment?
  • What are the United Nations Sustainability Goals?
  • What is an economy based on waste?
  • What is Bio-asset recovery?

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We would like to give a special thanks to Victor Wang who is the Founder and Chairman at China Silicon Valley hosting the delegation that led to connecting with Jonathan Trent. Without Victor this interview would not have been possible.