On today’s show, I talk with Jacob Taylor, the CEO of Farnman Street Investments and the author of the novel, The Rebel Allocator. The book follows a young man who is mentored by a legendary business leader and a master of capital allocation. Charlie Munger liked the novel so much he called up the author to discuss it and encouraged him to make it into a movie. So what was Munger so excited about? The book is full of wisdom related to business, investing and living a good life. Jacob Taylor joins me to talk about his conversation with Munger and the life lessons that run through his novel, The Rebel Allocator.


  • How to bounce back from life’s set-backs
  • The importance of self-reliance and having an inner-scorecard
  • The importance of capital allocation in business and life
  • How to get better at capital allocation
  • The importance of finding the right partner in marriage and life
  • The downside of focusing one’s life entirely on business and investing


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