TIP164: Billionaire Ray Dalio’s Book: Principles

Recorded | 11 November 2017
Billionaire Ray Dalio is one of the biggest names in finance.  He achieved this recognition due to Bridgewater Associate's stellar performance over numerous decades of operations.  For instance, during the 2008 financial crisis, the US Stock market was down -50% and Dalio's Pure Alpha fund was up 9.4%.  In this week's episode, we read Ray's new book, Principles.  The book was recently released on Amazon in October, and it's quickly rose to numerous bestseller ranking.

TIP163: The Intrinsic Value of 3 Stocks

Recorded | 4 November 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig dig around in the public markets to try and find a couple of value picks that are priced to perform. During the show, two of the stocks appear to have an intrinsic value that's 3 times higher than the S&P500, whereas the last pick is a great business, but priced for a horrible return.

TIP162 – Jesse Itzler, Mount Everest, & 2X World Record Holder Colin O’Brady

Recorded | 21 October 2017
In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion with serial entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler, about his newest venture, 29029. This event is an endurance challenge, where participants climb Stratton Mt., Vermont, 17 times within 48 hours. Climbing the mountain this many times produces a vertical climb of 29,029 feet (the same elevation as Mt. Everest). After talking about the event, Preston is joined with 2X World Record Holder, Colin O'Brady. Colin is the fastest human to ever go to the 7 continents and climb the 7 highest peaks. Get ready to learn about mindset, grit, and total determination.

TIP161 – Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger w/ Roger Lowenstein

Recorded | 21 October 2017
In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion about Warren Buffett and the Federal Reserve with world renown author, Roger Lowenstein. During the interview, Roger provides interesting first-hand accounts of Charlie Munger and much more. Roger has published six books, and three have become New York Times Bestsellers. Get ready to hear a fascinating interview with one of the best business authors of our generation.

TIP160 – Bitcoin Mastermind Discussion w/ Charlie Lee and Tuur Demeester

Recorded | 7 October 2017
In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion about Bitcoin and upcoming changes to the protocol. Before we have this mastermind discussion with Charlie Lee and Tuur Demeester, Preston provides a monologue on the importance of understanding cryptocurrencies. Our two guests are some of the biggest names in the space. Charlie Lee is the founder of LiteCoin which is a digital cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $3 billion dollars. Tuur Demeester is one of the first crypto writers and invested in Bitcoin when it was only $2 a coin.

TIP159 – Billionaire Michael Jordan w/ Roland Lazenby

Recorded | 7 October 2017
In this week’s episode, Preston and Stig talk about one of the most influential sports stars of all time: Michael Jordan. Jordan not only changed the game on the court, but he also changed the game for sporting apparel. For this episode, the best selling author of Michael Jordan's autobiography, Roland Lazenby, joins Preston and Stig to talk about his life. You'll learn about what makes Jordan tick and also how his deals with Nike went down.

TIP158 – Artificial Intelligence & The Rise of Robots w/ Martin Ford

Recorded | 30 September 2017
In this week’s episode, Martin Ford joins Preston and Stig for an interesting discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Martin is the New York Times Best Selling author of the book, Rise of the Robots. He is an expert on deep learning neural networks and machine learning. During the discussion, we also talk about AI's potential impact on the economy and labor market.

TIP157 – Quantitative Tightening and Bitcoin w/ Grant Williams

Recorded | 23 September 2017
In this week’s episode, Grant Williams joins Preston and Stig for an interesting discussion about the FED's decision to start conducting quantitative tightening (QT). Since QT is the opposite of Quantitative Easing (QE), we should expect the opposite market results. Check out this week's episode to see what Grant think about the FED's new announcement and how it will impact markets around the world.

TIP156: Small Cap Investing w/ Eric Cinnamond

Recorded | 16 September 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig interview the brilliant Eric Cinnamond. Eric comes with three decades of experience investing in small cap companies. During the interview, we discover his methods for understanding risk and reasonable valuation metrics. You won't want to miss Eric's highly valuable guidance and recommendations.

TIP155: Mastermind Discussion 3rd Quarter 2017 (Part 2)

Recorded | 9 September 2017
In this episode, Preston and Stig hold their Mastermind discussion with Saber Capital Management Founder, John Huber and Hari Ramachandra. Each member of the group presents a stock investing idea. After each group member pitches their idea, the group then dissects and troubleshoots the position. If you're interested in hearing how members of the mastermind determine intrinsic value and identify risks, you'll enjoy hearing this discussion.


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