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TIP177: Mastermind Discussion 1st Quarter 2018

Recorded | 10 February 2018
In today's show, we assemble the mastermind group to talk about four new stock ideas at the start of 2018. As usual, the group digs into each idea and provides counter-arguments and conclusions on the intrinsic value of each business.

TIP176: Mixing Value and Momentum Investing w/ Dr. Wesley Gray

Recorded | 3 February 2018
On today's show we talk to accomplished author and hedgefund owner Dr. Wesley Gray. Dr. Gray is a renown quant investors that uses extensive research in backtesting to implement a momentum and value based approach to investing. On today's show, we talk to him about the finer details of how he implements the approach.

TIP175: Shane Parrish – On Buffett, Dalio, & Learning

Recorded | 27 January 2018
On today's show we talk to renown investment blogger, Shane Parrish. Shane is a Buffett style investor that reads and studies everything about the markets. On today's show we talk to Shane about learning and optimizing one's life. He also discusses his opinions on the difference between Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett's investing approach.

TIP174: Billionaire Ray Dalio and Bill Gross On What To Expect In 2018

Recorded | 20 January 2018
In today's show, we review recent comments by Billionaires Ray Dalio and Bill Gross. Both comments adress the expectations both investors have for the market behavior in 2018. You'll learn why both men think the sell-off in the bond market will continue to persist, and why they think the stock market isn't as expensive as most people make it out to be.

TIP173: Stock Market Melt-Up & Quantitative Tightening w/ Richard Duncan

Recorded | 6 January 2018
In today's show, we talk about Quantitative Tightening and the impact on the US Stock Market. The group has an in-depth discussion about the bond yield curve and how it might look as 2018 progresses. Our guest, Richard Duncan, has worked at the IMF and World Bank and has over 30 years of experience in financial markets.

TIP172: The Art of the Good Life

Recorded | 6 January 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig review the newly released book, The Art of the Good Life. The book's author is Rolf Dobelli and he uncovers the 52 surprising shortcuts to happiness, wealth, and success.

TIP171: The Power of Moments – w/ Dan Heath

Recorded | 30 December 2017
On today's show, we talk to Dan Heath. Dan is a graduate of Harvard University and is a Senior Fellow at Duke University. He is a three-time NY Times Best Selling author of various business books.  Dan talks to us about his newest book, The Power of Moments.

TIP170: A Bet with Warren Buffett – Guest Ted Seides

Recorded | 23 December 2017
In today's episode we talk to hedge fund investor Ted Seides. Ten years ago, Ted took a bet against Warren Buffett that the hedge fund industry would outperform the S&P 500. Now that the bet is over, we ask Ted what he thinks about the experience. Additionally, Ted shares some incredible first-hand experiences in dealing with Warren and legendary investor David Swanson.

TIP169: Jesse Felder – FANG Stocks, Crypto, Central Banks, & Inflation

Recorded | 16 December 2017
In today's episode we talk to former multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, Jesse Felder. Jesse talks to us about his concern with FANG Stocks at the end of 2017. Additionally, Jesse talks to us about the potential change in central banking policy that might open the door for inflation to start taking hold in the economy. Finally, the discussion is concluded with Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

TIP168: Guy Spier – The Education of a Value Investor

Recorded | 8 December 2017
In this episode of The Investor's Podcast, we have the renowned Guy Spier on the show to talk about his new book, The Education of a Value Investor in 2008, Guy and Mohnish Pabrai bid $650,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffett. In our interview, you'll quickly learn there's a lot more to guy than investing and expensive lunches.