TIP206: Mastermind Discussion 3nd Quarter 2018

Recorded | 1 September 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig hold their Mastermind discussion with Tobias Carlisle, and Silicon Valley executive Hari Ramachandra. Each member of the group presents a stock investing idea. After each group member pitches their idea, the group then dissects and troubleshoots the position. If you're interested in hearing how members of the mastermind discuss and make financial decisions, you'll enjoy hearing this discussion.

TIP205: Jesse Felder – Tariffs, Gold, the Dollar & more

Recorded | 25 August 2018
On today's episode we talk to former multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, Jesse Felder. Jesse talks to us about a variety of ideas like gold, tariffs, and the bull market in the US Dollar. At the conclusion of the show, Jesse talks about Tesla and Elon Musk's potential issues with the SEC.

TIP204: Momentum Investing w/ Dr. Richard Smith

Recorded | 18 August 2018
On today's episode we talking to Dr. Richard Smith. Smith is an expert at momentum investing and is the founder of the popular investing website, TradeStops. During the discussion, Dr. Smith talks about the current market conditions and which industries might perform the best for the rest of 2018.

TIP203: Learning from Billionaire Jack Ma & Alibaba

Posted | 11 August 2018
On today’s show, we are talking about the famous Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma. Jack’s personal net worth is is around 42 billion dollars. He’s the founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group. In 2017, he was ranked 2nd for the World’s greatest leaders by Fortune Magazine. During the discussion, we play some interesting Q&A's Jack has been a part of during the past two years.

TIP202: Investing in Renewable Energy w/ Bryan Birsic

Posted | 28 July 2018
On today's show, we learn about investing in the renewable energy market. Our guest is Bryan Birsic and he's the founder of Wunder Capital. His company invests over $100M in the renewable energy market and has a deep understanding of how the market might progress in the future.

TIP201: Big Mistakes That Great Investors Make w/ Michael Batnick

Posted | 28 July 2018
On today's show we talk to Michael Batnick about his new book. Michael recently wrote the book: Big Mistakes. It profiles some of the biggest mistakes that famous investors have made and what you can do to avoid the same. Michael is often featured on CNBC and Bloomberg and he is the Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

TIP200: ETFs w/ AI & Deep Learning with Sam Masucci (AIEQ & BIKR)

Posted | 21 July 2018
On today’s show we talk to the founder of ETFmg, Sam Masucci.  Sam's company is responsible for bringing the first Artificial Intelligence ETF onto the market.  The name of the ticker is AIEQ, and since inception in OCT 2017, the fund has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly twice the yield (as of July 2018).  During our discussion with Sam, we ask him about the deep learning methodology and how the programmers integrated IBM Watson technology into the logic.  Additionally, we talk to Sam about another artificial intelligence ETF called BIKR, which was designed and launched by the legendary investor, Jim Rogers.

TIP199: Learning from Jeff Bezos

Posted | 14 July 2018
On today’s show we talk about the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos. Jeff built Amazon. Jeff rose to business stardom after creating Amazon and numerous other businesses within a 20 year period of time. Jeff got his start in retail but his business quickly grew into a technical powerhouse by creating Amazon Web Services (AWS). On todays' show we play the best Q & A's we could find from Jeff.

TIP198: Daymond John & The Power of Broke

Posted | 7 July 2018
On today’s show we talk about the very popular entrepreneur, Daymond John. John rose to business stardom after creating the global clothing line FUBU. Later he became a celebrity figure on ABC’s Shark Tank. To cover Daymond John's accomplishments we read his popular book: The Power of Broke

TIP197: The Creative Curve w/ Allen Gannett

Posted | 30 June 2018
In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to leading expert, Allen Gannett, about creativity. Gannett is listed as a Forbes 30 under 30 and the founder of his own big data analytics company. His book explores how to develop the right idea at the right time through by interviewing titans of industry. During our discussion, we review his top tips and actions anyone can take to become more creative in their own life.