In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to the Billionaire owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team, Jesse Itzler.  Jesse is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of numerous start-up companies that have sold for huge sums of money.  In particular, Jesse was the founder of Marquis Jet, which was sold to Billionaire Warren Buffett.  Recently, Jesse hired one of the most physically fit Navy SEALs on the planet to live with him for 31 days to teach him about mental toughness and the power of accomplishing big goals.  Jesse was able to run a 100 mile race after working with “SEAL”.  In this episode, we talk about Jesse’s adventures with SEAL and also how he was able to grow his enormous enterprise through the years.


  • Why you shouldn’t focus on building your resume but rather building your life
  • Why highly successful people are rewarded from making moves and ignoring embarrassment
  • Why building a business around your passion is the one of the most misunderstood concepts among entrepreneurs
  • Why you are only using 40% of your capacity whether it’s physical training or in business

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