has included James O’Shaughnessy in a series of legendary investors alongside Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. He is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert and founder of the quantitative stock investing realm. Also on this week’s podcast is Tobias Carlisle, a dear friend of The Investors Podcast and the top authority of the new generation of quantitative stock value investors that has continued James O’Shaughnessy original work.


  • Which type of American companies James O’Shaughnessy’s right now deem to yield the highest returns
  • How to be humble about stock investing, and how you are likely to beat the stock market by taken yourself out of the equation
  • Why James O’Shaughnessy doesn’t include the interest rate and other macroeconomic factors in his investment models
  • How to profit from momentum stocks and if that corresponds to the current market conditions
  • The two biggest mistakes investors make when implementing a purely quantitative strategy

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