About two months ago, Atlanta Hawks owner and serial entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler came on The Investor’s Podcast to talk about his experience building Marquis Jet.  During the interview, Jesse told Preston and Stig about an exciting new endurance challenge he created called 29029.  The premise of the event is participants will climb Stratton Mountain (in Vermont) 17 times so they can simulate the vertical climb of Sea Level to the top of Mount Everest (29,029 feet).  Not backing down from a challenge, Preston decided to accept Jesse’s offer and compete in the challenge.  Today’s episode is a recap of Jesse’s 29029 event.  During the event, Preston and Jesse met the 2X world record holder for the Explorer’s Grand Slam – Colin O’Brady.  O’Brady climbed the 7 tallest summits on each of the contents and also made an expedition to the North and South Pole faster than any human alive.


  • Why grit isn’t something you can learn about in a book?
  • The power of setting really big goals
  • Why achieving 90% of a big goal is better than achieving 100% of a small one
  • How and where a person might draw their strength from
  • The power of one’s mind to overcome mental and physical challenges

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