In the world of finance, many investors and economists suggest the current market conditions are unsustainable, but few provide better guidance and information than New York Times Best Selling Author, Jim Rickards.

Rickards is a veteran of Wall Street with 35 years of experience and has had his fair share of chaotic experiences.  For example, in 1998 he was the principal negotiator with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the bailout of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM).  Jim takes those extreme experiences and unique vantage points to talk about how the global economy is positioned today and where cracks in the system are starting to appear.


  • Why we faced a crisis in 1998 and 2008, and why me might have an even bigger crisis in 2018
  • That the FED is leveraged 113-1, and why the IMF will be bailing out the FED during the next crisis
  • What “SDR money ” is and why it will become the new global currency anyone noticing it
  • Why the conventional economic models are wrong, and which type of science should replace it

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