In this week’s episode, we talk to the co-founder of Real Vision TV about different Macro trends in investing.  Specifically, we have seen some major changes in trading positions from two famous Billionaires, Ray Dalio and Stanley Druckenmiller.  We talk to Grant about Ray Dalio’s opinion that the 35 year bull market in bonds is over and whether he agrees with Stanley Druckenmiller’s changes in gold.  Many of these changes occurred after Donald Trump was elected President and it’s quickly changing the expectations for inflation in the US.

Although the market continues to reach new historical highs everyday of the week, inflation is becoming a major concern with respect to discount rates.  Although the initial movement higher has been great for the stock market, we discuss when and if too much of a good thing will start to change the minds of investors.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ray Dalio’s thoughts on whether the Bond Market has ended it’s Bull Streak
  • Why Cash might be a great call option on all asset classes
  • Thoughts on the current conditions of Gold
  • What an economic reset is and how it applies to today’s market
  • Why the dollar is the primary reserve currency on borrowed time

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