In this week’s episode, we talk to the astute Tobias Carlisle from Carbon Beach Asset Management. With so much change happening in the markets, The Investors talk with Carlisle about various topics.  Although the stock market continues to scream higher, and interest rates remain unchanged, Mr. Carlisle provides guidance to value investors on different ways to still capture value.

Although special situations are difficult to implement for the typical retail investor, the combination of options with a value investing approach can mitigate large macro level risks if conditions start to deteriorate. In this episode, Carlisle provides various ways for individuals to think about implementing such an approach.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • If the presidential election will have any impact on the stock market.
  • An alternative approach to invest in an overvalued market.
  • How to use options as a value investor.
  • How Warren Buffett used a special investing strategy to achieve 29.5% over a 12 year period.
  • Ask the investor: How to start your career as a value investor.

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