In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to world renown investor, Jim Rogers.  Rogers rose to a legendary status in the 1970’s when he obtained a 4200% return during his ten-year ownership of the Quantum Fund.  During this same period of time, the market only advanced 47%.  After Roger’s time at the Quantum Fund, he became a professor at Columbia Business School. In 1998, Jim formed the Rogers International Commodity Index at a time when commodities were severely depressed. During the following decade, his decision to create the index proved extremely lucrative.

In addition to being an investment titan, Rogers is also a Guinness Book Record holder for traveling around the world on his motorcycle.  He is the author of numerous best-selling investment books.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jim Rogers’ positions in the market
  • Why he is holding gold, but does not add to his position.
  • If India is a good financial market to invest in
  • What happened when Preston followed Jim’s advice to short junk bonds in 2015

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Books and Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

Jim Rogers’ book, Street Smart – Read reviews of this book

Jim Roger’s book, Investment Biker – Read reviews of this book

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