Throughout the past three decades, a single name is synonymous with the global software company, Microsoft.  It’s hard to say the name without also mentioning Bill Gates.  Although Gates might take all the spotlight, a lesser known founder deserves an equal amount of the credit – enter Paul Allen.

Since the beginning, Paul Allen was with Gates.  Even when they were young kids and still attending high school, Allen was right by Gates’ side.  In fact, when Bill Gates attended Harvard, Paul Allen moved to Boston so they could continue programming together.  Although the founding of Microsoft was a joint endeavor, mush of Allen’s contributions are never acknowledged.  In this episode, we read Paul Allen’s book and discover some amazing stores that might catch the casual reader by surprise.  If you would like to read our 5 page executive summary of Idea Man, click here.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and why it couldn’t have happened without their complementary skill sets.
  • Why Bill Gates and Paul Allen had all the right external factors on their side to become billionaires.
  • What you might do when you retire age 30 and have more than a billion dollars.
  • If Microsoft has the right business strategy for the future.

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Books and Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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Paul Allen on 60 Minutes

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