In 2014, Bill Gates wrote a blog post talking about a compelling book he read called, How Asia Works, by Joe Studwell. In Gates’s post, he stated that he made the book a mandatory read for all the members of his agricultural team at the Gates Foundation. In Studwell’s book, he starts off by describing the financial history of various countries in Asia. In his profile, some countries advanced at a vigorous pace (like South Korea and Japan), while others did not. After this background, Studwell goes on to describe the key attributes that allowed some nations to excel while other had not. In short, his analysis breaks down into three critical points. First, a country should focus on agricultural improvements. After those advancements have been made, the country should improve their industrial manufacturing. Final, the country needs to create a conducive environment for credit creation and availability to the lowest levels in society. You won’t want to miss this very intriguing interview with Joe and his additional thoughts on How Asia Works.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Bill Gates made “How Asia Works” a mandatory read within his foundation
  • Why some countries are rich while others are poor
  • How much of Asian economic progress is due to Western influence and why?
  • If South America and Africa can achieve economic growth like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan?

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