One of the biggest names in business literature is Jim Collins. And we recently saw that Billionaire Jeff Bezos recommended Jim’s book, Built to Last. Since we are big fans of both Jim Collins and Jeff Bezos we felt like the book would be a fantastic read for the audience. In Episode 111, we covered Jim’s book, Good to Great. This was a fantastic read that talked about all the fundamental attributes that made a great company. Today’s book, How the Mighty Fall, is the exact opposite. It talks about all the qualities that destroy a great business and what leaders can do to prevent such a dismantling from occurring.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 distinctive stages of decline
  • Which 3 key ratios can predict if a company will fall
  • How and why a company can pull itself out of a decline
  • Why a successful management should feel lucky rather than successful
  • Ask the investors: Can Bitcoin benefit from the increasing pressure on the US Dollar?

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