On today’s show, we talk to Ian Siegel. Ian is the founder and current CEO of the billion-dollar tech company, Zip Recruiter. Ian built the company from nothing in 2010 and has now served over 120 million customers. On today’s interview, we talk to Ian how he did this. We ask him what advice he can give to other people that are also trying to grow their own business from the ground up and how they will know if they have a winner on their hands. Before founding his current company, Ian was also an executive at Stamps.com and eBay during the key developmental growth of those businesses. So with all this experience and knowledge of taking start-ups all the way to the top, I think you’ll really enjoy this interview with Ian. Well, without further delay, we bring you a wealth of experience from Ian Siegel.


  • Why market validation is more important than raising money and building a team.
  • Why you should only offer new products that cater to at least 50% of your customers
  • Why matching on the job market is done through a computer algorithm, and how to benefit from that
  • The one thing that employers and employees do wrong in the hiring process

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