Discuss your current and future portfolio directly with Stig Brodersen.



I’m considering investing in XYZ. What do you think?


How do I mitigate the risk on my portfolio?


How do I pick stocks outside the US?


How can I optimize my current strategy and portfolio?


Finance college professor Stig Brodersen has taught more than 100,000 investors how to optimize stock portfolios in his classroom and on his show The Investors Podcast.  With more than 25 million downloads, his show is the #1 stock investing podcast on iTunes and Google.

Stig is now offering personal coaching for a limited number of clients!


Standard Package

Standard Package ($1,997) *Note: Limited Time Pricing

  • 90 minutes stock investing Q&A
  • Format: Ask Stig anything about optimizing your current and future portfolio!

Premium Package

Premium Package ($3,997) *Note: Limited Time Pricing

  • 120 minutes personal coaching with you
  • 180 minutes where Stig is preparation and solving investing tasks prior to the meeting (examples below)
  • Example 1: Review of your current portfolio
  • Example 2: Feedback and suggestions for your future portfolio
  • Example 3: Stig’s thorough analysis and valuation of a stock pick of your choice


“Stig has a unique ability to distill complex topics into layman terms.”

Matthew Michniecwz
Doctor of Optometry
Candidate, University of Waterloo

“Speaking with Stig has made me rethink my perception of risk. I always value his opinion on investments.”

Hari Ramachanda
Executive, LinkedIn

“A coaching session with Stig is the best investment decision you’ll ever make.”

Klaus Jorlet
Owner, Jorlet and Kjaer

“Together with Stig, I went through every single stock pick in my portfolio discussing valuation and exit strategy.”

James Meirowski
Managing Partner, IT Strategy Group

“I use Stig’s recommendations both in my private and professional portfolios.”

Richard Shaner
Portfolio Manager, RS Partners LLC




Ideally, coaching in person would be the best setup. However, due to logistics and the wish to offer the best possible rate, Stig’s coaching will be conducted over Skype. If your request to pitch a stock to Stig is accepted, you’ll receive Stig’s Skype details and gain access to his calendar where you can reserve your sessions with him.
Sure, that is no problem at all. Many clients do not want to have their identity revealed for a number of good reasons. The asset management industry is small and a person might be embarrassed by the simplicity of their questions, or they might be worried that their latest picks are being snapped up by other investors. Whatever the reason, you should know that our privacy policy forbids the disclosure of information related to identification, contacts, and content from the client within or outside The Investors Podcast.
Before a premium coaching session, you’ll be asked to send a short description of how Stig can help you. Based on this, you’ll together create a list of 6-8 questions you’d like Stig to prepare solutions to and present during the call.

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