In this episode, Preston and Stig read Columbia professor, Joel Greenblatt’s best-selling book, You Can Be A Stock Market Genius.  Greenblatt is a very famous investor that teaches Benjamin Graham’s value investing course in New York.  Greenblatt is not only a professor but also a proven hedge fund manager that got a 50% annual return for a decade.  Greenblatt was able to achieve such incredible results by implementing a “special situations” style of investing in spin-off and mergers with various options strategies.  During this episode, you’ll learn all his various strategies and methods for finding value and obscure and interesting places.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How to take positions in the market with a $5 upside and a $1 downside
• How to make money in spin-offs
• How to make money in risk arbitrage and merger securities
• How call options work

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